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Universal Audio Woodrow '55 Instrument Amplifier Pedal Demo/Open Box  From UA

Authentic Vintage Tone at the Tap of a Footswitch!

Universal Audio

"Gone, Baby, Gone"

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What We Think

If you've ever wanted to harness the sound of a vintage amp without paying vintage prices, your dream has come true! The new line of amp emulation pedals from Universal Audio capture every ounce of tone from the original and make it a breeze to take it wherever you go. Whether you're in the studio, at a show, or writing in your bedroom, the plug and play nature of these pedals will keep you inspired as you explore all the sounds they have to offer. Add in UA's Control App and you've got another layer of versatility and control over your tone. From saving your favorites to downloading tones from the pros, you'll find no shortage of creativity.

UAFX Woodrow '55 Instrument Amplifier

Lose yourself in legit vintage tone. The Woodrow '55 Instrument Amplifier pedal gives users the sweet cleans and grungy distortion of the legendary tweed tube amp used by artists from The Eagles to Chuck Berry to Neil Young.

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    • Universal Audio Woodrow '55 Instrument Amplifier Pedal

Manufacturer's Description from UA

The UAFX Woodrow '55 Instrument Amplifier pedal gives you the legendary American tweed tube amp sounds used by artists and producers for decades, from The Eagles to Chuck Berry to Neil Young.

Built on powerful dual-engine processing and UAD modeling expertise, the Woodrow '55 effects pedal packs sweet cleans, rich overdrive, and grungy distortion.

Get the best emulation of a mid-'50s American tweed amp ever packed into a pedal. 

Take world-class studio amp sound anywhere, complete with mic/speaker pairings and preamp boosts. 

Go from dapper to dangerous with classic tube tones.

Download artist tones, customize features, explore presets, and more with UAFX mobile app

Universal Audio

About Manufacturer

Universal Audio Inc. was re-founded in 1999 by Bill's sons, James Putnam and Bill Putnam Jr., with two main goals: to faithfully reproduce classic analog recording equipment in the tradition of their father, and to design new digital recording tools with the sound and spirit of vintage analog technology. However, as Bill Jr. recounts, the genesis of "UA, part 2" is actually a bit more serendipitous.

Having grown up in the music industry, Bill Jr. and James ("Jim") Putnam naturally assumed that the music business is where they'd eventually end up. Jim, a touring musician and recording engineer, and their older brother Scott, a studio designer in Southern California, were the first to follow in Bill Sr.'s path. However, Bill Jr. took a more circuitous direction, working for a number of engineering companies before undertaking a doctorate in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. It was at Stanford that Bill Jr. became closely involved in the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), specializing in signal processing. It was also at Stanford that Bill Jr. began to assemble a team of the best and brightest minds in the field — who continue to steer many of Universal Audio's engineering efforts to this day.

However, the precise event that led Bill and Jim to start (or "reinvent") Universal Audio in 1999 was unexpected. As Bill Jr. tells it, when Bill Sr. passed away in 1989, he and Jim were faced with the Herculean task of cleaning out their dad's workshop and storage areas. While going through Bill Sr.'s old test equipment, boxes of parts, bits and pieces of consoles, and half-cannibalized 1176 compressors, Jim came across their father’s old design notebook. The two spent the evening poring over his notes, realizing that this was the map to every technical problem their father had ever solved. It was at that moment that they decided to bring back Universal Audio and its classic products. 

Fast forward a decade. Now with nearly 80 employees and legions of new customers worldwide, UA is headquartered near the Silicon Valley, in Scotts Valley, California — where our classic analog gear is still hand-built, one unit at a time. The lengths we go to deliver the exact sound and performance of classic analog audio gear is unparalleled; in fact, the goal is for UA's modern units to perform identically to well-maintained units built decades ago. 

Of course, analog is only half the story. At Universal Audio, we employ the world's brightest DSP engineers and digital modeling authorities to develop our award-winning UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform, featuring the most authentic analog emulation plug-ins in the industry. Our DSP gurus work with the original hardware manufacturers — using their exact schematics, golden units, and experienced ears — to give UAD plug-ins warmth and harmonics in all the right places, just like analog.


Power requirements (power supply sold separately): Isolated 9VDC, center-negative, 400mA minimum

Inputs: 2 x ¼” unbalanced TS (input 2 for stereo connections and 4-cable mode)

Outputs: 2 x ¼” unbalanced TS (output 2 for stereo connections and 4-cable mode)

Input impedance: 500 Kilohms (Mono In), 1 Megohms (Stereo In)

Output impedance: 500 Ohms

Maximum input level: 12.2 dBu

Maximum output level: 12.1 dBu

Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, ±3 dB

USB Type-C for registration and firmware updates via computer

Wireless technology: Bluetooth v5

Transmitted Frequency Range: 2.400 GHz – 2.4835 GHz

Maximum Output Power: +4.35 dBm

Dimensions (with knobs and protrusions): 

Height: 2.56 inches, 6.5 cm

Width: 3.62 inches, 9.2 cm

Depth: 5.55 inches, 14.1 cm

Weight (unboxed): 1.24 lbs, 0.567 kg

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