Tuttle J-Master Baritone Black Electric Guitar 243  From Tuttle

Michael Tuttle delivers some exceptional six-string rumble!


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Michael Tuttle Guitars

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What We Think

Guitar players, fight back!!! - Sonically, that is, with Baritone from master builder Michael Tuttle. Clean or dirty, bone dry or affected to the Nth degree, this instrument will get your creative juices flowing, as well as breathe new life into those cool parts that you are already layin' down.

Michael's undeniable build quality and attention detail are evident in the Bari's playability and musical voice. Which can be huge or subtle, just depends on how you feel. Live, this thing will move mountains and keep your drummer in line. When you are writing and recording new music you won't believe how versatile it can be. I have played bass lines, melody, and chords while using only the Bari on recordings - just the Baritone, the beat box, and me. Nothing like taking up more sonic space than they want to give you!

This guitar is not for the faint of heart.... It is bone crushing and sensitive at the same time.

If you have had the good fortune to play one of Michael Tuttle's creations you are aware of the overwhelming quality of both craftsmanship and sonic quality. His fret work is as good as I've ever seen. Michael's guitars speak with such authority and strength that you find yourself playing less notes just so you can hear everything that you're expressing. On the other hand, this one loves effects as well if you desire

The JM Baritone is certainly a stellar example of Michael's approach to building incredible instruments that will do exactly what a player wants and more. Whether you are doing low down dirt, doubling bass lines with a "tic tac" approach , or creating your own new voice, the Tuttle Baritone will inspire you everytime you pick it up - the tone will immediately make you want to write new music to highlight the voice. What can be better than that?


Manufacturer's Description from Tuttle

For the past two decades Michael has specialized in the fine art of what it takes to make a piece of wood feel good. Michael makes the necks feel like they're a part of your hands from the moment you pick them up.

Michael Tuttle's background includes stints with Valley Arts and Don Grosh Guitars, where, among other things, he gained a reputation for his fretwork. As a guitar player for the last 30 years, the transition from a professional musician to guitar builder has been a valuable asset to his company. He built his first guitar in the early 80's and in 1993 started building guitars commercially. After 10 years of honing the art of guitar building working for other organizations it was time to start out on his own. Michael Tuttle Guitars began in 2003. His unique craftsmanship and quality are unparalleled. Once you've played a Tuttle you'll know!

Michael Tuttle Guitars

About Manufacturer

We are so fortunate to work with the builders that we represent. Over the years, we've been lucky enough to get on board early with companies that had their act together before the "guitar world" discovered them. Several years back, two people (whose opinions we deeply respect) said we had to check out Michael's guitars. Michael sent us an S and T, and we sold the S model to the first person who heard it! Needless to say, we knew we were on to something. Tuttle has been building for over 20 years and got his start working at Valley Arts in California with Don Grosh, whom he worked with at Grosh Guitars. In 2003, Michael started Tuttle Guitars. Michael's attention to detail is very evident. Being a small builder (Michael’s team consists of himself and an assistant), everything needs to be right the first time out. This is a huge benefit for the player, as there can be no "Monday or Friday" guitars. We’ve always loved it when the guy’s name that's on the headstock had his hands all over the instrument when it was built - his reputation and quality of work is on the line every time one of his creations goes out the door. It's wonderful when you put one of Michaels guitars in a player's hands for the first time and watch their reaction. Michael is such a talented builder, and we are lucky to have such a positive relationship with him as a shop.


Body - Ash

Neck - Maple/Indian Rosewood Fingerboard

Neck Back Shape - .850-C

Nut - Bone

Frets - 6150 Stainless Steel

Bridge - Tone Pros TOM

Nut Width - 1.650

Hardware - Nickel

Gears - Tone Pros Kluson

Pickguard - Pearloid

Electronics - 3-way Toggle/Volume Tone

Input Jack - Tuttle Electrocup

Knobs - Tuttle Heavey Knarled

Neck Pickup - Tuttle J-Master

Bridge Pickup - Tuttle J-Master

Finish - Black Nitro

Oil Finish Neck

Case - G&G Hard Case

String Gauge - 10/46

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