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True Systems True P Solo Preamp  From True Systems

Single Channel Mic Pre

True Systems

Manufacturer's Description from True Systems

The acclaimed TRUE sound in a SINGLE Channel unit!

 While sporting the same design and sound of the TRUE Systems Precision 8 and P2 Analog preamps, this new compact, single channel, desk-top version features:


• Natural, musical, highly-detailed soundfield

• Complete compatibility and superior results with any mics – condenser, dynamic, and ribbon

• A totally balanced, dual servo, high dynamic range, transformerless design

• Internal linear AC power supply for excellent transient response

• High impedance instrument input

• High-pass filter and 48v phantom power

• Dual analog outputs

• Four-level metering

• Over-size volume control with selectable 10db input level attenuation

• Compact, portable, solid desk-top case


Unlike many other mic preamps where the lower-cost versions come at a big cost to the sound, the P-SOLO is, in every regard, a TRUE Systems microphone preamp, offering the “high-end mic pre” quality at an affordable, entry-level price.

Tim Spencer, CEO for TRUE Systems and designer of the TRUE Systems’ Mic Preamps states: “Our goal was to design a single-channel mic preamp that provides high-end sonic performance at a cost-effective price for the serious musician or recording engineer. We want to put the same quality of product used on Grammy-winning recordings and major concert tours, into the hands of an entirely new audience. We feel that we have achieved, if not exceeded this goal. The P-SOLO is perfect for studio and location recording, and live sound applications – wherever a microphone is used. And not only that, its instrument direct input feature provides exceptional articulation, presence and depth when an instrument preamp is needed. The P-SOLO is designed to provide stunning sonic detail, with a neutral, musical character, capable of delivering outstanding performance in every situation we could think of.”

True Systems

About Manufacturer

TRUE Systems is a product line of Sunrise Engineering and Design Inc., which is involved with consulting, design, and manufacture of electronic equipment used in professional audio production (recording and broadcast studios, concert halls, remote recording and live sound, etc.). The company has, over the last five years, designed or consulted on many studio and product concerns including the design of major, nationally known products for TimeLine Vista, Tascam, and our own brand name, TRUE Systems. TRUE Systems products are made in Tucson, Arizona.

Our customers include Sony Electronics, Sony Classical Recording, Lincoln Center, the Bill Gates residence, numerous professional and semi-professional project recording studios and remote broadcast production companies. Skywalker Studios, Warner Bros., and numerous other major film/video sound post-production companies use the products for which we have been design consultants.

The principal of Sunrise Engineering and Design, Tim Spencer, has thirty years of diverse experience in design, development, integration and manufacturing of complex hardware and software systems. While employed at Burr Brown, he was responsible for design and development of various amplifier products as well as analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion devices - and Burr Brown's very first power operational amplifiers. While employed by Hughes Missile Systems Company, he worked in various engineering and management positions involving design and implementation of automated production test systems, manufacturing technology, product quality, and management information systems.


Gain (microphone): . +16 to +64 dB. Gain is +6dB with Input Attenuation activated.

Gain (direct input): -4 to +44 dB. Gain is -14dB with Input Attenuation activated.

Frequency Response (gain=40 dB): 1. 5 Hz to 500 kHz (+0/-3 dB)

Maximum Output Level: +31 dBu

Maximum Input Level: +25 dBu

Input Impedance (microphone): 5. 5 kOhms

Input Impedance (direct input): 2 Mohms

Noise (Rs=0 Ohms): -132 dB e. i. n.

Slew Rate: 40 V/uS

CMRR (CMV=+10 dBu): 85 dB

THD (+26 dBu, 100 kOhm): 0. 0008%

Power Requirements: 115/230VAC, 50/60 Hz, 7 Watts

Knob extension: 0. 6 in. (15. 3 mm)

Weight: 5 lbs. (2. 3 kg)

Dimensions: W=3. 0 in. (76. 2 mm) D = 6. 0 in. (153 mm) H = 6. 0 in. (253 mm)





P Solo Data Sheet