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The Hook Studios TH-MD150-70 Microphone Decoupler (Small)  From The Hook

Microphone mount mechanically decouples your microphone from direct contact between the microphone holder assembly and the microphone stand

The Hook Studios


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Manufacturer's Description from The Hook

Our Patent Pending microphone mount mechanically decouples your microphone from direct contact between the microphone holder assembly and the microphone stand. The Hook Studios Mechanical Microphone Decoupler is easy to use and universally compatible with most OEM microphone clip holders and mounts that use standard 5/8"- 27 threads.

This product has been thoroughly field tested by independent audio engineers over a two year period. These tests revealed a marked reduction in "metallic" strike type impact sounds, as well as a reduction in vibration, unwanted floor noise, etc. In addition, the Decoupler may be used with an existing suspension mount to reduce vibration even further.

Critical studio listening tests using the MDM reveal increased clarity of the recorded source, especially with loud guitar cabinets. Considerable vibration of stands, hardware, etc. typically occurs in such situations, interfering with accurate harmonic overtone reproduction of the intended source. The MDM provides this decoupled suspension and vibration absorption regardless of the microphone's direction or angle.


1. MODEL# MD-150-70:

Dimensions: 1.5" Diameter - .50" sorbothane center dampen pad. Designed for lightweight microphones such as: AKG-451, AKG-460, Beyer Dynamic M201, Neumann KM84, Shure SM57, Sennheiser MK416, etc. These microphones weight range is 6oz. - 10oz.


2. MODEL# MD-150-85:

1.5" Diameter - .85" sorbothane center dampen pad. Will work with previously oted microphone weights and is designed to work with heavier microphones such as Neumann U87, TLM-170 (with bracket) weigh 23oz., EV RE-20 and Shure SM7 - weight 28oz. This mount will accommodate most all microphones up to 28oz.


3. MODEL# MD-175-85:

1.75" Diameter - .85" sorbothane center dampen pad. Can be used with any of the previous microphones and also the most heavy microphones such as: AKG C-12, Manley Reference, Neumann U47, Telefunken 251, and similar microphones which weigh up to 42oz. This mount offers twice the dampening capability of MD-150-70.

The Hook Studios

About Manufacturer

Featuring the industry's most advanced and unique accessories for classic and contemporary microphones, The Hook's pop filters and stand decouplers aid in micing vocals, guitars, drums, etc.

Drawing directly on our experience in professional recording, our products are designed to compliment performer tendencies under a wide range of acoustic environments. This results in a superior product without the shortcomings of conventional designs.

We cater to engineers in both recording and live sound production whose projects demand the highest standards. Our patented designs are custom machined and fabricated in the USA and can be adapted to most professional microphones.