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Pop Filter for 1.65" to 2.36" (42mm to 60 mm) Diameter Microphone Bodies

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik


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Manufacturer's Description from TELEFUNKEN

Telefunken PL05 Overview

Protect your precious microphone from vocal plosives and blasts of air with the Telefunken PL05 Pop Filter. This low-profile pop filter utilizes lightweight elastic bands to attach directly to your mic without requiring a clamp, wing nut, or separate stand. Since it fits on mic diameters from 1.65 to 2.36 inches, it is compatible with all Telefunken Elektroakustik large-diaphragm condenser mics, as well as a plethora of other side-address mics. It features a curved frame to ensure consistent performance, even if the source is off-axis from the mic's diaphragm. The PL05 is adorned with the Telefunken Diamond logo in the lower left corner.
Compatible Telefunken Microphones
  • Fits all Telefunken Elektroakustik large-diaphragm condenser mics.
  • Alchemy Series TF11, TF29, TF39, TF47, and TF51
  • Diamond Series ELA M 251/251E/251T, C12, and U47/U48
Other Compatible Mics
  • AKG: C2000 B, C214, C414, Perception 420, C414XL II, Perception 120, Perception 220, Perception 120 USB, Perception 820 Tube, and C12 VR
  • Apex: 205, 210, 250, 415, 435, 460, 480, 520, 530, 540, and 550
  • Aphex: Microphone X
  • Apogee: MiC
  • Audio Technica: AT 5040, 5047, 2020, 2035, 2050, 4033, 4040, 4047, 4050, 4060, R2500, 4080, and 5040
  • Audix: CX-111, CX-112B, and CX212B
  • Avantone: CV28, CK6, CR14, CK40, CK7, CV12, BV-12, and BV-1
  • Avlex: R102
  • Behringer: C-1, C-3, B-2 Pro, C-1U, and B-1
  • Blue: Cactus, Kiwi, Reactor, Woodpecker, Blueberry, Baby Bottle, Bluebird, and Spark
  • Bock Audio: 195, 241, 251, 507, IFET, 4-ZERO-7, and 5-ZERO-7
  • CAD: E100S, E300S, Trion 8000, GLX 3000BP, GLX2200BP, GLX3000, GLX 2400, GLX2200, and M179
  • Cascade: Ribbon Series, Fat Head, and Gomez
  • Ehrlund: EHR-M and EHR-T
  • Lauten Audio: Atlantis FC-387, and Horizon
  • Lewitt: LCT 240, LCT 540, LCT 640, LCT 840, and LCT 940
  • Manley: Reference Cardioid and Gold Reference
  • Miktek: CV 4 and MK 7
  • Mojave Audio: MA-50, MA-200, MA-201fet, and MA-300
  • MXL: Genesis, CR89, CR30, Temple XLR, Revelation, Gold 35, CX22, V177, V89, 88, 87, 69, 67, 76, 2010, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2001, 700, 770, 400, 440, BCC–1, BCD–1, R77, R80, R144, R150, 870, 880, 890, 910, 920, V63M, 3000, 4000, 5000, V900, 9090, 9000, 190, 909, 960, 990, and 992
  • Nady: RSM-1, RSM-4, RSM-5, TRM-6, SCM0800, SCM-900, SCM-960, SCM-1000, SCM-2090, and CM-2S
  • Neumann: BCM 104, 705. D-01, M147, TLM102, TLM103, TLM170, TLM193, TLM67, U87, U89i, and USM69i
  • Peavey: Studio Pro M1 and Studio Pro M2
  • Peluso: 22 47, 22 51, 22 251, P-12, and P-67
  • Rode: NT1-A, NT 1000, NT2-A, NT 2000, K2, NTK, Classic II, and Podcaster
  • Samson: C01, C01U, CO2, CO3, CL2, CL5N, CL7, CL8, Meteor Mic, MTR101, MTR 201, MTR231, and G Track
  • Se: G3500, Magneto, X1, 2200, 4400, Titanium, VR1, and VR2
  • Sennheiser: MK4, MK8, e609, and e906
  • Shure: KSM42, 44, 32, 313, 353. Beta 27, 181. PG 27, PG42USB, and SM27
  • Sony: C-800G
  • Sterling: ST51, ST55, ST59, ST6050, ST66, ST69, ST77, and ST79
  • Studio Projects: B1, LSM, CS56, B3, C1, and T3
TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik

About Manufacturer

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik of South Windsor, CT has been following the tradition of excellence and innovation set forth by the original TELEFUNKEN GmbH of Germany that began over 100 years ago.

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik's origins began in 2000 when owner Toni Fishman acquired the rights to the name and diamond logo for use in North America. The company began with the reverse engineering of a single microphone part: the ELA M 251 polar pattern selector. Mr. Fishman purchased an original Telefunken ELA M 251 for use in his recording studio, but when he received it he discovered that the polar pattern switch was no longer functional. Realizing that this was a common issue with the original units, the idea to recreate it was born.

The switch was reverse engineered and brought into production for other 251 owners with the same issue. With one part down, the goals were set high to successfully reverse engineer the entire microphone exactly as it was originally manufactured. The next two years were spent developing each and every part of the microphone right down to every detail. Numerous original documents and drafts from TELEFUNKEN and AKG were acquired, and coupled with thorough reverse engineering the ELA M 251 was brought back to life with meticulous accuracy.

As TELEFUNKEN moves forward, one foot is rooted in the rich history of the brand, and the other in new microphone innovations. TELEFUNKEN has evolved exponentially from a single pattern switch to one of the industry leaders in top quality microphones.

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Telefunken Microphones - NAMM 2010

Telefunken Elektroakustik Microphones explores their entire line at the NAMM 2010 show. The line consists of some extremely well built affordable microphones from their RFT series, as well as the outstanding M80 dynamic microphone, and of course, their flagship line of museum-quality replicas of the most famous vintage microphones ever built, such as the Telefunken (Neumann and AKG) Vintage microphones the ELAM 251, U47, U48, C12, and many others. They go through the entire line in some detail at the NAMM 2010 show. Sound Pure proudly represents the entire line, and has numerous mics of theirs on demo, including all of the flagship staples in stock. Call Sound Pure to discuss your microphone needs, toll free, 888-528-9703