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Tama Iron Cobra HP900PN Power Glide Single Bass Drum Pedal  From Tama

The Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Single Pedal is the result of the continuing evolution of Tama kick pedals. The innovative Cobra Coil pedal spring accelerates the return of the footboard to its original position. The result is unbelievably effortless action that sets the already smooth Iron Cobra apart from all other pedals on the market. The Cobra Coil is a standard feature on all Iron Cobra models.


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What We Think

The Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide pedal features an offset shape of the original Power Glide cam that provides TAMA's signature pedal action. It increases the beater's power and speed as it reaches the end of the stroke. The new cam is 40% lighter than the previous cam which gives the Iron Cobra a lighter yet more controllable feel. 

The newest generation of Iron Cobra pedals also has extended the footboard's length by repositioning the hinge closer to the rear of the heel plate without changing the overall size of the pedal. This adjustment increases the sense of ease and control the player has over the pedal, especially when exerting downward pressure on the footboard. 

The latest version of Iron Cobra also features a smaller diameter but thicker beater head—a combination that delivers more attack than previous designs. And as with previous versions, a hardshell case is included. Discover what twenty years of innovation can do for your playing with the new Tama Iron Cobra pedal.


Manufacturer's Description from Tama

Designed to fuel speedy footwork, TAMA’s precision-engineered Speed Cobra pedal now enters a new era. The credo under which it was first forged: "Extreme Velocity. Serious Power," has been honed to add yet another playing characteristic to its already daunting personality—Unprecedented Velocity, delivered with minimum work.

TAMA's Super Stabilization Concept = Maximum Playability

As pedal play reaches top speeds, even a small amount of instability limits performance. This generation of Speed Cobra’s new wider frame, wider under-plate, and redesigned Para-Clamp II Pro hoop clamp combine to provide absolute stability and maximum playability. Even under less than ideal playing circumstances, these improvements bring noticeable support to your musical endeavors.



About Manufacturer

For over forty years, Tama has been an industry leader in professional drums and drum hardware. Their concerted effort to create high-quality products has given enthusiasts and professionals a wide variety of product options. 

The Tama name is derived from the first name of founder Yositaro Hoshino’s wife, Tama Hoshino. "Hoshino" translates to "star field." That's the origin of the star theme that unifies the entire Tama product line — from their entry-level Imperialstar drums and popular Starclassic series to their top-of-the-line Star series drums.  

Tama's innovations can be found in their entry-level sets all the way up to their professional Star series drums. The Starclassic line has been producing premium shell drums like maple, birch, andbubingawith exquisite finishes for over two decades. Their patented Starcast Mount and Star Mount have continued to improve tone and aesthetics without sacrificing quality.

Their high-performance hardware has been one of the most trusted names for quality and durability since 1977 when they bought a portion of the Camco company. Today, the Iron Cobra and Speed Cobra lines have multiple options for players with a variety of needs. 

Whether you are after drums or hardware, Tama continues to be one of the best companies when it comes to getting the most for your money.






TAMA HP900PN Iron Cobra Power Glide Drum Pedal Features:

  • Iron Cobra series kick drum pedal
  • Patented Cobra Coil Spring
  • LiteSprocket design
  • 3-piece hinge guard block
  • Wider baseplate and frame 
  • Iron Cobra Beater
  • Tight Lock 
  • Quick-Hook 
  • Includes a carrying case