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Tama 5.5x14 Star Bubinga Snare Drum-Satin Blue Metallic  From Tama

Taking the knowledge and research cultivated for the Starclassic series, Tama takes the Star series to the next level.


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What We Think

This consignment snare came to us still in its factory-sealed box. Featuring a beautiful Satin Blue Metallic lacquer finish, it has inlays on both the inside and outside of the shells. The exterior inlay incorporates the Star winged logo badge while the interior inlays do not. The bubinga shell is a thin 4.5mm with a single vertical inner ply of Cordia plus a 9mm Sound Focus Ring. Much like the previous flagship lines for Tama, the Star series features the familiar die-cast hoops and the Linear Drive strainer system. The Star series also has a new cast lug with a bridged design for minimal shell contact. Tama put a lot of time and thought into the Star series where the player reaps all of the rewards.

Manufacturer's Description from Tama

African bubinga wood is approximately 53% harder than maple and birch. Acoustically speaking, bubinga provides very sharp and aggressive attack combined with unbelievably rich and fat lows. These drums are crafted with 9 plies of bubinga, and include Super Sensitive Snappy Wire snares that have been improved from their previous incarnation. The snare head can be removed without completely removing the snares with the MLS50B Detachable Butt Plate, and the Linear Drive Strainer has done away with the contact sound initiated by turning on the snares. Also included Hold Tight Washers that will not come loose from vibration.



About Manufacturer

For over forty years, Tama has been an industry leader in professional drums and drum hardware. Their concerted effort to create high-quality products has given enthusiasts and professionals a wide variety of product options. 

The Tama name is derived from the first name of founder Yositaro Hoshino’s wife, Tama Hoshino. "Hoshino" translates to "star field." That's the origin of the star theme that unifies the entire Tama product line — from their entry-level Imperialstar drums and popular Starclassic series to their top-of-the-line Star series drums.  

Tama's innovations can be found in their entry-level sets all the way up to their professional Star series drums. The Starclassic line has been producing premium shell drums like maple, birch, andbubingawith exquisite finishes for over two decades. Their patented Starcast Mount and Star Mount have continued to improve tone and aesthetics without sacrificing quality.

Their high-performance hardware has been one of the most trusted names for quality and durability since 1977 when they bought a portion of the Camco company. Today, the Iron Cobra and Speed Cobra lines have multiple options for players with a variety of needs. 

Whether you are after drums or hardware, Tama continues to be one of the best companies when it comes to getting the most for your money.






Tama Star Bubinga Snare Drum Features

  • 5-Ply Bubinga Shell
  • Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare
  • MLS50B Detachable Butt Plate
  • Hold Tight Washer New "Linear-Drive" Strainer