T.H.E. BS-3D Binaural 3D Recording Sphere  From T.H.E.

Heads up! This binaural microphone is the perfect solution for capturing any three-dimensional space. Comes complete with adaptor cable and lunchbox carrying case.


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Manufacturer's Description from T.H.E.

This BS-3D Binaural Sphere creates a smooth and integrated acoustic "picture" of what is heard by a pair of human ears and this translates perfectly to both headphones and speakers. Created as a "working sculpture" in select hardwood, no two spheres are exactly alike in looks but all deliver a stunning stereo image of the recording environment. The natural spectral information is not linearized with any equalization. The smooth, 3-dimensional, stereo sound is achieved solely by integrated design, correct capsule placement and ultra-fast electronics.

Our concept was to create a working sculpture that was, in itself, a "state of THE art" professional tool that can be used to create magnificent stereo sound recordings for CD, film and TV, and especially for field recording of natural environmental sounds. There are now a number of YouTube videos of both environmental sound(s) as well as music videos that utilize the BS-3D.

The BS-3D is the perfect microphone for the engineer who loves to make stereo recordings. It captures the 3D (three dimensional) quality of the source sound, with the added bonus of compatibility in playback on ALL kinds of listening systems - something no other recording method can give.

For the technophiles, the BS-3D provides spectral versus angular information and also inter-aural time cues that give a natural representation of "acoustic reality" to all the material captured in the recording field. In addition, the natural impression of depth, space and image is not sacrificed with hard equalization to "linearize" the final frequency response of the microphone.

By recording two tracks as LEFT and RIGHT, the engineer can experiment with the image width to suite the final track as well as collapsing the image all the way down to MONO without phase artifacts! As well, you can easily add incidental area/solo mics to reinforce or color the production stereo image without any phase problems. An incredible tool!

It is extremely important to remember that ALL recordings made with this microphone are speaker compatible, and that the frequency response of the two capsules is designed to compensate for acquiring distant sources such as those captured in halls, theaters, or other large spaces. Consequently, the BS-3D binaural sphere needs fewer "takes" to get usable stereo tracks than most "Dummy Heads", which often require a correction of frequency response that is unnecessary with the BS-3D.

BS-3D electronics use THE's superb designs that incorporate high-grade components, ensuring a dynamic range and clarity that rivals laboratory equipment.

A lunchbox carrying case is included, along with the custom adapter cable.

Taylor Hohendahl Engineering


    Directional pattern: omnidirectional
          Operation principle (transducer): pressure transducer
          Sensitivity: 10 mV/Pa
          Frequency response range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
          Equivalent SPL rated at CCIR 468-3: 26 dB
                                       at DIN / IEC 651: 14 dB-A
          S/N ratio rated at DIN / IEC at 1 Pa.: 80 dB-A
          Max SPL for 0.5% THD: 136 dB-SP
          Capsule Diameter: ½ inch
    Diameter of THE Sphere: 160 mm
    Weight: 1400 gr.