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SPL FrontLiner Channel Strip  From SPL

New Channel Strip from SPL!



"Experience the Difference"

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Manufacturer's Description from SPL

With the finest ingredients from SPL, the new flagship of SPL's channel strips establishes the basis for world-class recordings and each of its particular processing stages can be inserted into studio environments or DAWs like analog plug-ins!

The brand-new Frontliner has all tools on board to record vocals and instruments in perfect quality. Positioned even above our bestseller Channel One, it merges preamp, de-esser, EQ and compressor.

The hybrid preamp with discrete transistor stage and separate tube stage combines high performance and neutrality with the option for sound coloration by enhancing the harmonic content with the switchable tube drive. The unique one-knob de-esser employs a phase cancelling technique to reduce sibilants.

With three bands, the EQ section covers the complete frequency spectrum efficiently, and a tube saturation control allows to apply distortion to any signal from subtle to reckless levels.

The compressor offers all classic parameters and a controllable automation of attack and release which adjusts the setting of time constants to the input signal pretty much like a cruise control.

Thanks to the individual analog I/Os, all these powerful, hi-end analog processors can be inserted into any studio by the Frontliner pilot, i. e. to use them also during mixing and mastering. Thus it appears that the Frontliner is not reduced to a frontend device especially DAW based studios get the chance to integrate high-grade analog processing at any stage of the audio production process.



About Manufacturer

Sound Performance Labs! Full Range of Analog, Tube, and Digital rack gear with an innovative twist. With their most famous transient designer product, SPL has quickly become a household name in both the recording and live sound arenas.


Maximum input level    

Microphone input @ 13dB gain: +9dBu 

Line input: +22dBu

Instrument input: +11,5dBu

De-Esser input: +21dBu

Compressor input: +21dBu

EQ-/Tube Saturation input: +21dBu


Maximum output level: 21,5dBu

Gain control ranges

Microphone input: +13dB to +68dB

Line input: -20dB to +10dB

Instrument input: +6dB to +43dB

Frequency range (-3dB)

Channel strip: 10Hz to 50kHz

Microphone preamplifier: ‹10Hz to 50kHz

Line preamplifier: ‹10Hz to 50kHz

Instrument preamplifier: ‹10Hz to 50kHz

De-Esser: ‹10Hz to 140kHz

Compressor: ‹10Hz to 180kHz

Equalizer/Tube Saturation: ‹10Hz to 60kHz


Common mode rejection 

(@ 1kHz, 0dBu input level and unity gain)

Microphone preamplifier: ›80dB

Line preamplifier: ›75dB

Instrument preamplifier: ›75dB

De-Esser: ›75dB

Compressor: ›75dB

Equalizer/Tube Saturation line: ›75dB


Total harmonic distortion

(in %, @ 1kHz, 0dBu input level and unity gain)

Channel strip: 0,03

Microphone preamplifier: 0,03

Line preamplifier: 0,03

Instrument preamplifier: 0,03

De-Esser: 0,002

Compressor: 0,007

Equalizer/Tube Saturation Line: 0,01


Signal to noise ratio (A-weighted)

Microphone preamplifier (VU=30dB): -91,5dB

Line preamplifier: -94,7dB

Instrument preamplifier: -95,5dB

De-Esser: -97dB

Compressor: -97dB

Equalizer/Tube Saturation Line: -91dB


Dynamic range (unweighted)

Channel strip: 110dB (microphone input › main outputs, @ 30dB)

Channel strip: 112dB (line input › main outputs)

Channel strip: 112dB (instrument input › main outputs)

Microphone preamplifier (@ 30dB): 110dB

Line preamplifier: 114dB

Instrument preamplifier: 105dB

De-Esser: 115dB

Compressor: 115dB

Equalizer/Tube Saturation Line: 112dB


E.I.N. microphone preamplifier: -127dBu

(@ 68dB gain, Rs=150Ohms, 20-22kHz)


Power supply

Two toroidal transformers

Audio transformer: 20VA

Transformer other currents: 15VA

Fuses: 230V AC, 50Hz: 315mA/120V AC, 60Hz: 630mA

Voltage selector: 115V/230V

Power consumption: 29W 


Dimensions and weight

Housing (W x H x D): 482 x 88 x 261mm (Depth with controls and sockets)

Weight: 5,7kg/ca. 12,57 lbs (w/o converter & I/O transformers)


Note: 0dBu = 0,775V. Specifications are subject to change without notice

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