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Sony C-100 Hi-Res Condenser Microphone  From Sony

The C-100 is a 2-way condenser mic for both vocal and instrument application, delivering a frequency range of 20-50,000 Hz for spectacular reproduction of vocal and musical qualities.  It features selectable pick-up pattern, allowing the user to switch between Omni-, Uni-, and Bi-directional for a high degree of versatility.



Retail:  $1,699.00

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What We Think

The C-100 is gorgeously detailed. It's advertised as a hi-res microphone and upon first listen it has delivered just that: fast transients and transparent clarity on every source its put up against!

Manufacturer's Description from Sony

The Sony C-100 is a two way condenser microphone, compatible with High-Resolution Audio, and suitable for vocal and critical instrument recording in the studio. Incorporating newly developed double microphone capsules and noise elimination structure, originally employed in the C-800G microphone, the C-100 delivers a broad frequency range of 20 to 50,000 Hz and excellent reproduction of vocal and musical qualities. The condenser element of the C-100 microphone provides a selectable pick-up pattern (Omni/Uni/bi-directional) for various recording applications.


  • Hi-Res Mic (Side Address) – Ideal for Vocal Applications
  • Supports Hi-Res Recording (~50kHz)in an ultra-compact package
  • Two-way structure incorporates newly developed capsules with variable directivity that deliver a wide frequency response of 20Hz to 50kHz
  • Selectable pick-up pattern (Omni/Uni/Bi) supports a wide variety of recording applications
  • Two-part metallic body structure employed in the C-800G microphone prevents acoustic vibration resulting in low noise and clear sound
  • Low-Cut filter eliminates low-frequency noise and proximity effect
  • -10dB pad switch provides added headroom

Excellent Sound Quality:  

Two-way diaphragm structure realizes both broad high range and resonant mid-low range and gives great vocal presence.

Wide Frequency Response:

The C-100 microphone has a broad frequency response (20 Hz to 50kHz) and provides superb sound reproduction quality for High-Resolution Audio.

Noise Elimination Construction:

Two-part metallic body structure employed in C-800G microphone prevents acoustic vibration resulting in low noise and clear sound.

Switchable Polar Patterns:

The C-100 microphone features switchable uni-directional, omni-directional and bi-directional ploar patterns for various recording applications.

Low-Cut Filter:

Low-Cut filter switch helps eliminate low-frequency noise and proximity effect.

Pad Switch:

A -10dB pad switch on C-100 microphone provides added headroom and minimizes distortion caused by transient peaks.



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Capsule Type:  2 Way Microphone (Condenser + Back electret condenser)

Frequency Response:  20 Hz-50,000 Hz

Directivity:  Cardioid/Omni directional/Bi directional

Sensitivity:  - 31 dB (Uni-directional)

                    - 37 dB (Omni-directional)

                    - 35 dB (Bi-directional)

                    (deviation±3 dB)

                    (0 dB=1 V/Pa, 1 kHz)

Dynamic Range:  More than 113 dB (Uni-direct.)

                            More than 114 dB (Omni-direct.)

                            More than 114 dB (Bi-direct.)

S/N Ratio:  (Cardioid) 76 dB or more 

                   (Omni directional) 71 dB or more

                   (Bi directional) 73 dB or more

                   (A-weighted, 1 kHz, 1 Pa.)

Inherent Noise (0dB=20µPa):  Less than 19 dB SPL (Uni-directional)

                                                  Less than 24 dB SPL (Omni-directional)

                                                  Less than 22 dB SPL (Bi-directional)

                                                  (0 dB=2 × 10-5 Pa)

                                                  (IEC* 61672-1 A-Weighted, 1 kHz, 1 Pa)

Max SPL (dB SPL)(0dB=20µP):  More than 132 (Uni)

                                                    More than 138 (Omni)

                                                    More than 136 (Bi)

                                                    (output level for %1 waveform distortion at 1 kHz, cc equivalent input sound pressure                                                            level: 0 dB=2 X 10-5

Connector:  XLR-3-12C (male)

Power Requirements:  +48 V phantom power

Output Impedance:  90 Ω ±15%, balanced

Microphone Cable:  XLR 3-pin Cable Required (Not Supplied)

Dimensions:  1.57 in. dia. × 6.89 in. (40 mm dia. × 175 mm)

Weight:  Approx. 10.2 oz (290 g)