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Serpent Audio Send N' Blend 500-Series Mix/Blend Module  From Serpent

Add a wet/dry control to any hardware processor you want with this handy 500 series tool.

Serpent Audio


Retail:  $549.00

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Manufacturer's Description from Serpent

The Serpent Send N’ Blend (SNB) is a dedicated Mix/Blend control module, available for the first time in 500 series. It enables the ability to add a mix/blend function to any piece of outboard gear, allowing for out of the box parallel processing. Typical applications are for parallel (aka New York) compression, however, the SNB can be used anywhere where the combining of two individual signals is desired (i.e. dual micing or typical summing applications). The Serpent SNB features premium electronics at an affordable price, utilizing the same core audio path as the acclaimed SB4001®, and features Elna Capacitors, Sealed Alps Potentiometer, Steel Housing Construction, ThreeWay Hard Bypass, and the PCX Power Monitoring* feature.

The Serpent Send N’ Blend is made In the USA to the highest of production standards

Serpent Audio

About Manufacturer

Serpent Audio represents the best practices of the boutique pro audio world - hand-build and hand-picked classic designs with innovative new features designed to make our lives as engineers easier, more creative, and more enjoyable. 


  • Utilizes same core audio path as the SB4001®
  • Three Way Hard Bypass (Wet/Dry/Blend) (Relay Controlled)
  • Radial Omniport Rear Panel Connectivity
  • Steel Housing Construction
  • Premium Sealed Alps Potentiometer
  • Protection from 48V Phantom Power
  • PCX Power Monitoring*
  • VPR Compliant (65mA total power consumption)
  • Made In The USA

*PCX Power Monitoring All new Serpent 500 Series products now feature our proprietary PCX Powering Monitoring Controller integrated into the 500 module for peace of mind. PCX gently soft starts power to the module both at power up and power down, ensuring that no inrush current takes place. Additionally, PCX constantly monitors the voltage power rails at both the rack's card edge and internally within the module itself. PCX will immediately disconnect power to the module in the event of an over or under voltage event at the rack's card edge due to power supply failure or instability, or in the unlikely event of a current overload within the module, virtually eliminating any chance your Serpent Gear would be harmed should the unexpected happen