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Sebatron Spider Two-Channel Tube Equalizer  From Sebatron

Two-Channel, 4-band, Class-A Transformerless Tube Equalizer



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Manufacturer's Description from Sebatron


  • Class A discrete circuit
  • High and Low shelves with two selectable frequencies
  • Two mid bands with four selectable frequencies each
  • Full high tension proper plate rail Voltage
  • No integrated circuits in the signal path
  • Electronically balanced output
  • DC filament rail for low noise operation

Nothing beats a solid outboard EQ. Something that can take an ordinary audio signal and effortlessly sculpt it in a way that infuses extra energy and life into it.

The Sebatron Spider EQ is such a device.

By using a twin-triode valve as the main gain element (12AT7 or 12AX7) the Spider EQ is able to twist and adjust the sonics of a signal either drastically or subtly. This is done using two elaborated Baxandall EQ stages in series and carefully wired through feedback loops that incorporate the valves. The discrete Class A circuitry and high voltage rails mean that all the goodness of the raw material is preserved and not overly coloured.

The Spider EQ features four bands of active equalization.

There are two outer shelving bands with two switchable frequencies each and two mid bands with four switchable frequencies each. Each band has up to 10db of boost or cut.

  1. Low Shelf - 40hz, 80hz
  2. Low Mid Band wide 'Q' - 160hz, 220hz, 360hz, 500hz
  3. High Mid Band narrow 'Q' - 1.2khz, 2.2khz, 4khz, 5khz
  4. High Shelf - 14khz, 8khz

The Sebatron Spider can handle a full range of signals and all the colouration is derived from the valves making the Spider's response tight and fast - particularly in the low register due to the direct coupled transformerless nature of the circuit.

Two healthy sized VU meters with backlit globes add the final touch allowing for easy signal level monitoring.


About Manufacturer

Unique high-quality organic valve and class-A solid state studio equipment. No integrated circuits. Made in Australia.


Input impedence: 1.2k ohms

Output impedence: <600 ohms

Frequency response: 20hz-80khz +/- 2db

Maximum input level: +20dbu

Maximum output level: +30dbu

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01% to 0.1%

Signal to Noise Ratio : -105 db

Valve Type: 12AT7/ECC81 or 12AX7/ECC83 (two valves required - should be matched)

Prefered Valve Brand(s): J.J, Amperax, Telefunken, JAN

Mains operation: ~110/120v or ~220/240v 800ma

Weight: 6kg approx.

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