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Sabian HHX Evolution Pack w Free HHX Evolution Ozone Crash  From Sabian

Sonically advanced set with a tasty bonus.

Sabian Cymbals

Available for Special Order

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What We Think

The Sabian HHX Evolution cymbals were created through the help of master drummer Dave Weckl and Sabian. They feature a mix of hand hammering, lathed surfacing, unlathed bells that allow them to cut through when you really lay into them. The crashes have excellent, full-range tonal response with maximum sensitivity and sharp projection at higher volumes. The hi-hats supply rich sounds with superb stick definition and a full-bodied “chick” sound when played with the foot. The ride offers less stick definition than most HHX rides, but there’s plenty of wash and crash when you lay into it. For players looking for a universal dynamic set of cymbals give the Sabian HHX Evolution cymbals a listen.

Manufacturer's Description from Sabian

With excellent projection and a full, rich tone, Sabian delivers their most sonically advanced cymbals in the HHX Evolution cymbal pack. It includes a set of 14" hi-hats, a 16" crash, a 20" ride, and a free 18" Ozone crash that cuts through any mix with its quick, explosive response and tight focus. 


  • 14" HHX Evolution hi-hats
  • 16" HHX Evolution crash
  • 20" HHX Evolution ride
Sabian Cymbals

About Manufacturer

SABIAN was founded in 1981 when Robert Zildjian - one of the world's great names in cymbal making came to the conclusion that drummers needed a better choice of cymbals. Unsatisfied with the quality, the sound and the very relevance of the cymbals being manufactured at the time, he opened SABIAN in the small eastern Canadian village of Meductic, New Brunswick.

Since that time the SABIAN Vault has become a global center for cymbal and sound innovation. And that same SABIAN innovation has resulted in an unprecedented level of choice from the most diverse offering of cymbal design ever available. As a result, modern drummers and percussionists can choose from models that range from vintage to modern, from dark to bright, from traditional to downright eclectic.


Style: Modern
Metal: B20
Sound: Dark
Weight: Medium