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Sabian 14" HHX Anthology High Bell Hi-Hat Cymbals  From Sabian

HHX Cymbals combine the best of two worlds, traditional tone and modern projection. Top - 1044 grams - Bottom - 1468 grams

Sabian Cymbals

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What We Think

The Sabian HHX Anthology series uses the same handcrafted techniques developed in the creation of Sabian's HHX Evolution and Legacy lines. Like the previous HHX cymbals, the Anthology series is a blend of light and dark in all of the right places. Buttery feel and looseness that is traditionally only found in thinner cymbals come with the projection of heavier weights. The crashing properties range from sensitive rolls with fingertips or mallets, to explosive crashes that will punch through the loudest musical passages. The bell tones are balanced and clear at all dynamic levels. The HHX Anthology series brings some of Sabian's sweetest offerings to date to serve a wide variety of needs.

Sabian HHX Anthology Cymbal

Introducing HHX Anthology: a collaboration between the Master Artisans at SABIAN and world-renowned musician Jojo Mayer. Three years in the making, these were created to be the most versatile cymbals SABIAN has ever made. The final product transcends labels like ride and crash—each version possesses all of those qualities and more.

Manufacturer's Description from Sabian

HHX Anthology is the pinnacle of essential HHX technologies, uniting traditional and contemporary sounds. The 14” HHX Anthology High Bell Hats’ innovative design includes a large pronounced bell, fully lathed outside on the top and bottom cymbal, with the insides un lathed, providing a degree of control and dryness to the overall sound. The unprecedented sonic control and range put creativity into the drummer’s hands and open new possibilities to play their way. All Anthology cymbals have their weight in grams shown on the inside of the bell.


Sabian Cymbals

About Manufacturer

SABIAN was founded in 1981 when Robert Zildjian - one of the world's great names in cymbal making came to the conclusion that drummers needed a better choice of cymbals. Unsatisfied with the quality, the sound and the very relevance of the cymbals being manufactured at the time, he opened SABIAN in the small eastern Canadian village of Meductic, New Brunswick.

Since that time the SABIAN Vault has become a global center for cymbal and sound innovation. And that same SABIAN innovation has resulted in an unprecedented level of choice from the most diverse offering of cymbal design ever available. As a result, modern drummers and percussionists can choose from models that range from vintage to modern, from dark to bright, from traditional to downright eclectic.


Sabian HHX Anthology Hi-Hat Features:

  • Medium top with a heavy bottom
  • B20 bronze
  • HH and HHX series hammering techniques
  • Raw, hand-hammered medium bells
  • Finish: Natural