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RTOM Black Hole Snap-on Mesh Drum Practice Pad-16"  From RTOM

A revolutionary new way to practice without disturbing those around you.



Retail:  $98.36

"Experience the Difference"

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What We Think

RTOM's Black Hole series of mesh-head practice pads are a revolution in low-volume drum technology. Drummers living in apartments or shared spaces need no longer sacrifice their tone with rubber mutes. These mesh heads snap onto the rim of each individual drum and allow you to actually hear your drum's natural tone at a reduced volume. Moreover, they can be tuned to match the tension and pitch of the drum, thus providing tactile feedback that feels almost like you're playing the real skins, something that rubber pads simply can't do.

The Black Hole mesh heads make quiet practice enjoyable, allowing you to hear and feel your real drums without deafening your neighbors. 

RTOM Black Hole Demo

An in-depth description of the Black Hole Practice System by the engineer who helped create it. Includes how to install and the details that make this product unique.

Manufacturer's Description from RTOM

Want low-volume practice without sacrificing sound? Meet Black Hole, your new best friend.
Snap it on, tune to your desired tension, and you’re ready to go. Each head can be independently tuned to match the pitch and tension of the drum on which it’s attached by rotating a turnbuckle located on the underside of the rubber hoop with an included tool.

The bass drum sizes (18-24) include a metal extender plate that you use to connect the pedal. Simply clamp the pedal to the extender, and then slide the extender under the hoop of the Black Hole until it locks in place.


About Manufacturer

RTOM Corporation was founded in 1992, with a single purpose; to create devices and systems that provides a No Compromise Practice experience. Since its inception, RTOM has challenged every conventional concept and technology - in an effort to bring a new level of enjoyment to practicing.


RTOM Black Hole Practice Pad Features:

  • Low volume practice with up to an 80% reduction in volume
  • Sounds exactly like your drum set–just quieter!
  • Easily snaps on to your drums–no head removal required
  • Durable mesh head built for longevity
  • Tunes to your desired tension with a single-point tuning system
  • Available in sizes 10″-24″