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Royer Labs dBooster2 In-Line Signal Booster & DI  From Royer

In-Line Signal Booster great for Royer's world-class ribbon mics

Royer Labs


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Introducing Royer Labs dBooster, In-Line Signal Booster for Ribbon & Dynamic Mics

Session Guitarist Shawn Tubbs describes the dBooster and plays acoustic guitar with and without a dBooster in the chain. With recordings made on an R-10 ribbon mic and an SM57 dynamic mic. Royer Labs – http://royerlabs.com Royer dBooster - http://royerlabs.com/dbooster/ Royer YouTube Page - https://www.youtube.com/user/royerlabs See Shawn Tubbs’ amplifier and guitar pedal demos at https://www.youtube.com/user/wallacem...

Manufacturer's Description from Royer

The Royer model R-DB22 dBooster2 features two channels of dBooster ribbon & dynamic microphone signal boosting and impedance buffering technology. Each channel also doubles as a high-impedance DI.

When used as a signal booster, both channels of the dBooster2 increase the level of passive low-output ribbon and dynamic microphones with a minimum of distortion or coloration. Designed for professional applications, each dBooster2 channel offers two levels of clean gain boost: 12dB or 20dB, selectable by a front panel switch. The dBooster2’s Class A input presents a high source impedance to microphones, minimizing loading (damping) and improving headroom. By utilizing the 12/20dB gain switch, optimum balance between gain and headroom can be achieved for a variety of uses.

The dBooster2’s low-impedance output is an increased microphone-level signal that can drive a digital interface directly or a standard microphone preamplifier. It also minimizes signal loss on long cable runs. When used as a DI for unbalanced guitar level sources, the dBooster2 provides either 0dB or 8dB of gain, selectable from the front panel switch. The single ended high-impedance (230K-Ohm) DI input maintains headroom and gain regardless of load, with minimal distortion or coloration.



• Miking any low-volume sound source (acoustic instruments, vocals, etc.)

• Recording direct to a DAW interface

• Use on long cable runs to retain sound quality

• DI for direct electric guitar, electric bass, and other instruments



• 12dB and 20dB gain stages in Mic mode

• 0dB or 8dB gain in Hi-Z guitar input mode

• High input impedance

• Balanced Low output impedance

• Rugged case construction

• Ultra-low noise performance

• Ultra-low distortion

• Wide frequency bandwidth



• Safe for use on all ribbon mics

• Increases headroom at the preamp

• Provides true electrical isolation

• Protects ribbon mics from phantom-power

• Minimizes mic loading

• Capable of driving difficult loads, such as mic splitters and vintage style preamps, without increased distortion or loss of gain

Royer Labs

About Manufacturer

After years of designing and manufacturing microphones in Los Angeles, David Royer teamed up with Rick Perrotta, former President and co-founder of the prestigious Matchless Guitar Amplifier Company, and together with studio owner Rafael Villafane and musician/marketing director John Jennings, formed Royer Labs, a California based company dedicated to the development and production of high quality ribbon microphones and transducer elements. DAVID ROYER Best known for his ribbon mics, David has designed countless other mics and outboard devices that are in use throughout numerous LA studios. When David's not designing new gear, his idea of fun is climbing desert mountains or pounding dirt roads in his new pickup. RICK PERROTTA Rick Perrotta's name may sound familiar - he and Rafael Villafane owned LA's Baby-O Recorders during the 80's, then Rick went on to co-found Matchless Guitar Amplifiers, where he was President and Production Chief of the prestigious amp line until 1995. At the helm of Royer Labs, Rick brings an extraordinary level of craftsmanship to every Royer microphone (hold one in your hand and you may never give it back!). JOHN JENNINGS John worked for years as a guitar player and singer, in the studio and on the road. He took an 8-year detour into the corporate world as VP Sales & Marketing for an LA communications firm, but came to his senses in 1996 and ditched the suit to get into pro-audio manufacturing and sales. John handles sales and marketing for Royer Labs. RAFAEL VILLAFANE Rafael Villafane co-founded Baby'O Recorders with Rick. He has produced a #1 and numerous top ten hits in the US and abroad. He drinks too much. Owns a club in Acapulco (Baby'O). If you can prove you own a Royer product, the first ten tequilas are on him---really. Drives too fast. Been doing a record for ten years he STILL can't finish. Has a six-second attention span. He torched a school with young pal Jeff "Skunk" Baxter in Mexico City when they were kids. What else? Oh yeah, he's Mexican... nobody's perfect. CHRIS PERROTTA As another co-founder of Matchless Amplifier Company, Chris was responsible for the high quality detail work that Matchless is famous for, including the light up "dashboard" and three dimensional logo. At Royer, Chris is the chief mechanical designer and another confirmed precision freak. Every Royer microphone owes its beauty and elegance to Chris wonderful interpretations of the designers art.


Gain: switchable 12dB or 20dB in Mic mode, switchable 0dB or 8dB in DI mode

THD+N: @ 20dB Gain = .0015%, -25dBu input signal, 1.3Vp-p output signal; @ 12dB Gain = .001%, -6dBu input signal, 3.66Vp-p output signal

IM Distortion: @ 20dB setting, < .002% @ 800mV output; @ 12dB setting, <.005% @ 2.6V output

Self-Noise:  referred to -48dB re. 1V/Pa, 20dB setting < 11dBa, 12dB setting < 15dBa

Headroom: referred to -48dB re. 1V/Pa and 4mV/Pa, 20dB setting < 127dBa, 12dB setting < 120dBa

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz +/= .25dB

Input Impedance: 3.6-Ohn in Mic mode, 270K-Ohm in DI mode

Output Impedance: (at 20dB setting) 300-Ohms

Current draw: approximately 5mA at zero signal and 7.5mA at full output

Input and output connections: Balanced XLR: (Pin 1, Ground, Pin 2 Signal Hot, Pin 3 Signal Cold), HI-Z (DI) 1/4-inch unbalanced, tip signal HOT

Power: 48-Volt phantom

Dimensions: 3.875" (98.425mm) L X 3.875" (98.435mm) W X 1.75" (44.45mm) H

Weight: 10.2 oz (289g)



The dBooster2 is covered by a one-year warranty. This warranty covers parts and labor but does not cover damage as a result of misuse or abuse.