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Roland SPD-SX PRO Sampling Percussion Pad  From Roland

Flagship Roland sampling pad with nine playing surfaces, eight external trigger inputs, colordisplay, customizable pad LEDs, onboard effects, and more.



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What We Think

The Roland SPD-SX Pro is the new-and-improved replacement for the Roland SPD-SX sampling pad. Building off of an already great machine, the SPD-SX Pro now has 32GB of internal sampling memory and USB connectivity. This thing is almost a drumset all by itself!

The SPD-SX Pro has nine playable pads with two dual inputs, allowing up to four additional external pads, drum triggers or a combination of both. The SPD-SX Pro has flexibility with its sound outputs (headphone/main out or sub out) and is equally happy on stage and in the studio. And the new 4.3-inchcolor display makes for easy navigation and viewing during performances.

This module also allows importing samples from a standard USB stick and sampling directly into the SPD-SX Pro via the mic/line input. Once a sample is created and stored in the SPD-SX Pro, you can use any of the onboard effects for your finishing touches. Samples can be reversed, chopped, resampled, truncated, normalized and have the pitch altered in real-time.

Whether you are using the stock sounds or sampling and making your own, the Roland SPD-SX Pro brings a whole realm of sound possibilities to your set in a very tidy package. We love it!

Roland SPD-SX Pro Introduction

Meet the flagship pad in the sampling pad lineup: SPD-SX PRO. Harnessing Roland’s advanced sampling technology, the SPD-SX PRO boasts an array of requested, enhanced professional features. And each component has been tested to withstand the pressures of life on the road.

  • Signal Chain
    • Roland SPD-SX PRO Sampling Percussion Pad

Manufacturer's Description from Roland

The SPD-SX PRO comes loaded with 1,550 high-quality sounds and 200 kits (43 erasable preset kits and 157 user kits). And in the heat of battle, the SPD-SX PRO’s processing power lets you swap to a new kit without cutting off the sound of the existing kit—so as the audio decays at the end of the last sound that you played, you’ve already changed kits ready for the next track in the set. Need even more options? Dive into Roland Cloud sample libraries and explore the ever-expanding selection of sounds.

When the lights go down, the PRO lights up. Customizable pad-dividing LED and trigger lights let you see all nine pads on dark stages—goodbye gaffer tape! Assign any vertical or horizontal light to one of ten preset colors or create and name your own. Group together kicks, snares, backing tracks, and clicks with their own assigned color. And set the horizontal pad lights to be on constantly, light only when a pad is struck, or flash dynamically with its assigned WAV.

Playing in the dark just got easier. The SPD-SX PRO features a large 4.3-inch color screen with backlit function buttons, tabs, and a jog-dial for lightning-fast sound selection. The display shows essential real-time information such as A & B sample layers, WAV sample names, sample playback progress, and more.

It’s easy to create custom sound layers when you assign two sounds to a pad. You can assign a sound as the MAIN layer within the pad menu and then select another sample to layer with your original sample—resulting in MAIN and SUB sounds on the same pad. Then alternate between MAIN and SUB layers. You even have separate volume, pitch, transient attack, and release control for each sound, so you get the perfect blend of layers.

With nearly unlimited sounds under your sticks, you need to stay organized. Using the dedicated SPD-SX PRO App from Roland Cloud, you can easily import audio, and edit sound or playback parameters via USB on your computer. Drag and drop samples, create kits, adjust settings, and name as you go. The same USB connection allows you to send 8-channel audio and MIDI to the computer for recording with a DAW.

With expanded trigger inputs, there are even more playing possibilities at your fingertips…or feet. You can play with up to nineteen surfaces when you max out all pads, external triggers, and footswitch inputs. Connect a hi-hat controller, like the Roland VH-10 V-Hi-Hat, and play with open and closed pedal expression or add snare and kick pads to create a mini drum set. Alternatively, you can connect an expression pedal for real-time effects control as you play.


About Manufacturer

Roland Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments, including keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion, digital recording equipment, amplifiers, and audio processing devices. With over 40 years of innovation that continues to shape the sound of modern music, Roland sets the standards in music technology for the world to follow.


Roland SPS-SX Pro Sampling Pad Percussion Features:

  • Nine pads with Roland’s advanced trigger technology, including six large pads and three
  • top-row shoulder pads
  • High-visibility, horizontal and vertical LEDs with multi-color customization
  • Increased shoulder pad sensitivity and improved crosstalk performance
  • 4.3-inch color display for easy navigation and viewing during performance
  • Import 48/44.1 kHz (16-/24-/32-bit) WAV/AIFF files and MP3s (32–320 kbps) with automatic conversion to 48 kHz/16-bit upon loading
  • Stereo main output,four direct mono outputs, balanced for easy mixing on stage
  • Connectivity for up to eight external individual triggers/pads (four stereo triggers or
  • eight mono triggers with Y-cables)
  • Dedicated SPD-SX PRO App for Windows/Mac for easy importing, managing samples, and deep kit editing
  • 32GB of internal storage for samples, backing tracks, and click tracks
  • Input for hi-hat or footswitch expression control
  • Connect hi-hats, kick, and snare for a ‘mini drum kit’ setup
  • Up to 200 kit patches (43 erasable preset kits and 157 user kits)
  • Over 1550 pre-loaded, high-quality samples and sounds
  • 16-step pad sequencer function
  • Onboard effects engine with up to four effects in parallel, plus side chain with output routing
  • Built-in click/metronome
  • Create in real time by recording performances as WAV files and assigning them to pads


Options (sold separately):

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  • Cymbals (CY series)

  • Kick Triggers (KD series)

  • Pad Stand (PDS-10)

  • All-Purpose Clamp (APC-33)

  • Acoustic Drum Trigger (RT-30H, RT-30HR, RT-30K)

  • Pedal Switch (DP-2)

  • Footswitch (BOSS FS-5U, BOSS FS-6)

  • Personal Drum Monitor (PM-10, PM-30)

  • USB Flash Memory * Use USB Flash Memory sold by Roland. We cannot guarantee operation if other products are used.