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Rivera Sedona Lite Guitar Combo Amplifier  From Rivera

55watt, EL34 powered, 2-channels, Acoustic/Electric Guitar Amp

Rivera Amps

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What We Think

So you want an acoustic amp, but you come from an electric guitar, tube amp background? Well here you go! You're welcome!

tube warmth and sustain with acoustic clarity and power

Manufacturer's Description from Rivera

Rivera pioneered the concept of a tube acoustic guitar amp, collaborating with the now-legendary Doyle Dykes to create the Sedona. Now we have brought this concept to a lighter, more compact amp: Introducing the Sedona Lite. Doyle asked us for years to make a compact amp that would meet the weight requirements of the airlines and yet still deliver the tone that Rivera Sedona amps are famous for. It wasn't an easy task, and we knew we couldn't compromise on the tone or the quality.

Because Rivera Amplification is totally dedicated to the needs of musicians, the Sedona Lite is the result of years of consulting the leading acoustic guitar players as well as the top acoustic guitar makers for their input and consensus.

The Sedona Lite delivers 55 watts of dynamic EL-34 tube power, complemented by a full-range speaker system with a 12" neodymium rare-earth woofer and a special high-power, liquid-cooled dome tweeter.

Two independent channels of warm, glorious vacuum tube tone enhance and wrap every note you play in an envelope of light. Each channel has 3-band equalization, along with several exclusive tone-enhancing features, including a Notch switch that allows you to change the characteristics of the vital midrange frequencies, and a Bright switch to accentuate the harmonics.

Channel 1 features a special ultra-low-noise input that allows you to accept signals from balanced or unbalanced instruments or a microphone.

Instruments like the Taylor ES series as well as the new Martin guitars equipped with balanced outputs will be at their optimum when used in Channel 1 with the balanced input. Even if your guitar is an inexpensive model, using it with the Sedona Lite, will provide your sound with the best of tonal ingredients.

Channel 2 features a harmonically active unbalanced input to amplify either a passive or active instrument, including electric guitars.

Instruments with multiple outputs, such as the Fishman system that utilizes a microphone as well as a piezo transducer, can utilize both channels simultaneously to balance the level and tone between the two instrument signal sources.

For lounge and small-venue performers wanting to keep it simple, the Sedona Lite can act as a small P.A. system as well as an instrument amplifier. Just plug your microphone into Channel 1 and your instrument into Channel 2, and, voila, you have the warmth of tubes for your voice as well as your instrument.

In the age of digital effects, we are proud to provide the legendary, costly, analog Accutronics mechanical reverb as a standard feature. With its special deep, lush sonic character, it enhances your tones with a sweet and natural swell and decay.

With built-in parametric anti-feedback controls on the front panel, you can easily eliminate irritating low-frequency droning sounds as well as enhance the overall tone of your instruments.

Adding presence and shimmer to your instruments and voice is simple with the Presence control, conveniently located on the front panel.

Patching your accompanying signal processors was never easier with a full serial effects loop that features separate level controls for the send and return. (Paul Rivera invented this concept almost 25 years ago with his previous work designing amps for Fender and Yamaha.)

Recording your Sedona Lite or providing a live feed to a house P.A. system is a snap with the separate direct output with its own level control.

An extra rear-panel speaker jack is provided, so adding an external Sedona extension enclosure for those larger gigs takes only seconds.

All Rivera Amplification amps are built to robust military standards. We utilize the finest components, the same kind used in leading esoteric and exotic tube hi-fi systems. Our cabinets are made of solid-core plywood and are constructed with interlocking dado joints. Every one of our amplifiers is rigorously tested to ensure that it conforms to our exacting specifications. As a Rivera owner, you can expect years of tonal pleasure from your new Sedona Lite.

Rivera Amps

About Manufacturer

In August of 1976, Paul Rivera founded Rivera R&D in Southern California to provide for musicians and the music industry leading-edge design, development, and manufacturing of products based on the philosophy that you, our client, are the center of our attention. It has been our driving force, from our early work in the 1970s with the who's who of the studio world, to our consulting work for many of the leading amplifier manufacturers, to today's extensive line of professional products that we proudly hand-build in the USA. Rivera is a privately owned company. We do not have to answer to shareholders. We answer only to you. Thankfully, in these times when other makers have taken their production offshore, closed, or allowed their products to deteriorate in quality and tone, we have prospered. This again is because of you, our loyal clients. Our continuing dedication to using only the finest of components in robust designs stands the test of time. Purchasing one of our amplifiers is a long-term investment in quality. You will still be enjoying your Rivera product long after our competitors' products are no longer serviceable and have been discarded. Only Rivera builds an all-tube stereo combo amp, the S120 series. Only Rivera builds an all-tube acoustic guitar amp, the Sedona. Only Rivera had the foresight and innovation to launch our powered subwoofer systems over six years ago. Every product in our line is dedicated to serving players and is designed to meet their needs. Years ago Rivera R&D was famous for complete effects racks and systems for bands and solo artists like Toto, Van Halen, Lee Ritenour, and many others. We are proud to launch our new Routmeister effects switcher, distilled from our years of signal-processing experience. This one product solves the frustration that many players have faced for years in organizing and controlling their stage systems. As we have grown, we have expanded our capacity to manufacture absolute top-quality amplifiers. We are now unleashing our new entry-level Pubster and Clubster series of amplifiers, compact beauties that sport all the quality of our more expensive models, with enough features and stunning tone to please the pickiest of players. For those of you purchasing a Rivera for the first time, welcome to our family. For those of you already in the family, hello again, and we are happy to be of service to you once more.


  • Channel 1 Controls: Volume, treble (pull switch for bright), middle (pull switch for notch), bass
  • Channel 2 Controls: Volume, treble (pull switch for bright), middle (pull switch for notch), bass
  • Common Front-Panel Inputs & Controls: Channel 1 balanced/unbalanced 1/4" input, Channel 2 unbalanced 1/4" input, reverb control, presence control, anti-feedback level control (pull switch for equalizer), anti-feedback frequency control, standby switch, power on/off switch
  • Rear-Panel Inputs & Outputs: 1/4" effects loop send with level control, 1/4" effects loop return with level control, 1/4" recording output with level control, two 1/4" internal speaker outputs, one 1/4" external speaker output
  • Preamp Tubes: Two 12AX7A
  • Output Tubes: Two EL34
  • Output Power: 55 watts RMS into 8 ohms
  • Speakers: One 12" proprietary neodymium low-frequency driver (250-watt rating) and liquid-cooled dome tweeter
  • Reverb: Accutronics® 3-spring reverb
  • Height: 18.5"
  • Width: 18.5"
  • Depth: 12"
  • Weight: 45.5 lbs
  • Cabinet Material: 3/4"-thick plywood
  • Construction: Dadoed joints
  • Covering: Sedona brown padded vinyl