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Rivera Sedona 55 Acoustic/Electric Combo Amplifier  From Rivera

The most versatile Acoustic and Electric Guitar Combo Amp made!

Rivera Amps

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What We Think

The Sedona 55 combo amp from Rivera is packed with incredible features for both acoustic and electric guitars.  This amp will replace most, if not all amps you own for gigs and recording acoustic and electric guitars.

We are now offering this amazing boutique amp in Black tolex with gold grill cloth.  We find the brown tolex to cater to the acoustic crowd while the black is a more universal amp color choice (and one of our favorites with Rivera).

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Rivera Sedona 55 Tube Amplifier Acoustic Electric Part 2 Demo Video

The Rivera Tube Amplifier is demo'd here in part 2 of the Rivera Amplification Video Series recording at Sound Pure Studios with Paul Rivera, Jr. The amplifier is the most versatile amplifier in the world with high gain channels, acoustic (clean channels) with built in tweeter. It also has impressive DI outputs for clean feeds to a recording engineer or front-of-house live engineer, making this amp a true workhorse, and the ultimate single amp. Call Sound Pure to discuss if this amazing amplifier is right for you!

Manufacturer's Description from Rivera

Sedona, the world's first all-tube Electric and Acoustic amp designed in collaboration with Nashville fingerpicking legend, Doyle Dykes. Accolades have been given to Sedona from all over the world.

Sedona features two independent and different preamplifier channels. Channel 1 is designed to produce optimum electric tones, clean or distorted. Channel 2 is tailored for electric or acoustic instruments. Sedona's specially designed Tweeter can be switched on or off to reproduce an acoustic instrument's sparkling harmonics on demand. In addition, the Tweeter's operation is linked to Channel 2 and is automatically disengaged when Channel 1 is selected.

An easy to use anti-feedback equalizer tunes out unwanted notes that would otherwise drone or squeal with sensitive acoustic Instruments. Switched from the front panel, the anti-feedback filter is also linked to Channel 2, and is automatically disengaged when using Channel 1. Reverb has never sounded sweeter, thanks to a long-pan, 6-spring Accutronics reverb.

Another Rivera exclusive feature, the Sedona's built-in rear-panel tube direct box output, includes a level control and a pull switch for ground lift. It sends only the Instrument's signal through an all-tube low-impedance, balanced-line XLR output invaluable on-stage or in the studio. An active effects loop with level controls allows for matching any outboard signal processor for optimum tone and minimum noise.

An internal acoustically tuned high-fidelity speaker system consisting of a high-efficiency 12" JBL speaker (15" JBL-100W Model) reproduces full frequencies and gives great guitar tone. A single high-power Dome Tweeter adds sibilance and definition to the high-end strings, especially on nylon or gut string instruments. Separate tweeter and full-range speaker output jacks coupled to an impedance selector allow connection to a Sedona Extension Enclosure to cover larger venues. If you find yourself playing electric 50% of the time, try the Sedona 55 with a Celestion T-75.

Never before has an amp received so many rave reviews from guitar magazines. Guitar World as well as Guitar Player have used Sedona as their benchmark for testing other amps as well as many acoustic guitars. Guitar Shop Magazine said "This is undoubtedly the best acoustic/electric amp ever made.." Musician Magazine awarded Sedona "Amp of the Year."


You can order the Sedona with a the ES option. This converts the Sedona's input into a balanced input using a super high quality Cinemag ® transformer. This adds 4 DB of volume and tone to your balanced output ES equipped Taylor®. The Sedona is the only amp that offers this!!!! Now you will be able to hear how fat and warm you Taylor® can be. If you run the ES-equipped Taylor® in with a unbalanced amp, you are only hearing 3/4's of the pickup system including the T5. The Sedona 55 is the only amp that can give your T5 full blown acoustic tones and high gain tones, BALANCED!!


Rivera Amps

About Manufacturer

In August of 1976, Paul Rivera founded Rivera R&D in Southern California to provide for musicians and the music industry leading-edge design, development, and manufacturing of products based on the philosophy that you, our client, are the center of our attention. It has been our driving force, from our early work in the 1970s with the who's who of the studio world, to our consulting work for many of the leading amplifier manufacturers, to today's extensive line of professional products that we proudly hand-build in the USA. Rivera is a privately owned company. We do not have to answer to shareholders. We answer only to you. Thankfully, in these times when other makers have taken their production offshore, closed, or allowed their products to deteriorate in quality and tone, we have prospered. This again is because of you, our loyal clients. Our continuing dedication to using only the finest of components in robust designs stands the test of time. Purchasing one of our amplifiers is a long-term investment in quality. You will still be enjoying your Rivera product long after our competitors' products are no longer serviceable and have been discarded. Only Rivera builds an all-tube stereo combo amp, the S120 series. Only Rivera builds an all-tube acoustic guitar amp, the Sedona. Only Rivera had the foresight and innovation to launch our powered subwoofer systems over six years ago. Every product in our line is dedicated to serving players and is designed to meet their needs. Years ago Rivera R&D was famous for complete effects racks and systems for bands and solo artists like Toto, Van Halen, Lee Ritenour, and many others. We are proud to launch our new Routmeister effects switcher, distilled from our years of signal-processing experience. This one product solves the frustration that many players have faced for years in organizing and controlling their stage systems. As we have grown, we have expanded our capacity to manufacture absolute top-quality amplifiers. We are now unleashing our new entry-level Pubster and Clubster series of amplifiers, compact beauties that sport all the quality of our more expensive models, with enough features and stunning tone to please the pickiest of players. For those of you purchasing a Rivera for the first time, welcome to our family. For those of you already in the family, hello again, and we are happy to be of service to you once more.


  • 55 Watts, 
  • Optional Celestion T-75
  • Optional ES ready input
  • (5) 12AX7 Preamp Tubes allowing 2 full discrete channels of warm tone
  • (2) EL-34 Power Tubes
  • Massive transformers and exposed surface mounting for long life and cool operation.
  • Heavy-Duty 16 Gauge zinc plated steel chassis with welded end make a rugged road worthy amp
  • Costly regulated DC filament power supply for the Preamp Tubes allow silent and hum free operation.
  • Rugged metal phone jacks throughout for years of noise free connections
  • Chassis mounted Mica-filled octal tube socket with phosphor bronze-copper plated and hot tin dipped pins for perfect electrical contact and long life
  • Detachable AC power cable for easy transportation and replacement