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Radial Engineering JX44 V2  From Radial

Concert Touring Guitar & Amp Signal Manager

Radial Engineering


Retail:  $2,136.00

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Manufacturer's Description from Radial

The Radial JX44 V2™ is a guitar & amp switching and routing system for professional concert touring, providing you with the ability to connect and manage up to four guitars & four amplifiers, a stereo effects chain and a remote pedalboard with seamless integration throughout. Optional JR-5 remote footswitches or MIDI controllers can be used to select the inputs and outputs or activate FX. A local stereo effects loop can be used to connect rackmount signal processors and assign each channel to individual amplifiers, and an SGI line driver is built-in to feed distant pedalboards with ease when used with the SGI-44 remote guitar interface. An assignable direct box output is also featured for simultaneous studio-quality recording during a live performance, while a switching 120/240V power supply allows for easy international use with world touring acts.

Total stage control The JX44 V2 gives you full control over even the most complex touring rigs. Switch between four inputs and route the signals to up to four amplifiers simultaneously. Connect effects locally in stereo or use a remote pedalboard with the optional SGI-44, and route FX to each amp output individually for wet-drywet setups. Utilize the JR-5 for remote guitar or amp switching, or connect a MIDI controller to integrate with existing setups. Finally, feed a direct output to FOH or a recording interface to capture the performance.


Stress-Free Signal Management

Created to meet the needs of meticulous guitar techs and built to handle the rigors of concert touring, the JX44 V2 is the professional's choice for managing and switching guitar signals on stage. Four instruments or wireless receivers can be connected and activated simultaneously, with all inactive inputs automatically feeding a buffered Tuner output, streamlining instrument hand-offs and accommodating for silent tune-ups during a performance. Inputs and outputs feature large illuminated switches for instant visual feedback, and redundant front-panel input jacks accommodate for last minute changes on the fly. All switching is silent and immediate, for flawless transitions that enhance the performance without disruption.


FX Routing and Remote Control

The JX44 also handles complex effects routing with ease, with connections for a local stereo EFX loop and the ability to assign individual EFX channels to any amplifier for wet/dry/wet setups. Remote pedalboards can also be added without signal loss or degradation using the optional SGI-44, giving the artist control over pedal FX without sacrificing tone, even from 100 feet away. While the JX44 V2 works on its own as a complete guitar control center, it can also be controlled remotely, with dual inputs for Radial JR-5 remote footswitches to control either guitar or amp switching, and a MIDI 5-pin connection for operation via MIDI controllers and foot pedals.


Putting Tone and Quality Above All

Four unbalanced outputs are all isolated with premium Jensen transformers for optimal tone and signal quality, with ground lift and 180 polarity reverse switches, ensuring multi-amp setups playback without phase issues or ground loop noise including hum and buzz. Gold-contact connectors are used throughout, with Radial’s trusted build quality to survive any touring conditions with ease. A Radial DI box output is also included for when a direct feed from acoustic instruments to FOH is required, also Jensen-equipped. For use on world touring acts, the JX44 V2 features an internal 120/240V switching power supply with an IEC cable that can easily be swapped out when travelling internationally.




Buffered gold-contact inputs for unbalanced instruments such as guitars and basses. The front panel jacks take priority over the rear panel instrument inputs.



Reverses signal polarity at the corresponding amplifier output to help correct phase issues when using multiple amps simultaneously.



Large switches with amber LED indicators turn each amplifier output on/off. Multiple outputs can be on simultaneously.



Large switches with green LED indicators turn each instrument input on/off. Multiple inputs can be on simultaneously



Selects whether the left or right EFX loop inputs feed the corresponding amplifier output. When ‘dry’ is selected, the EFX Loop will not feed the amp output.



Disconnects the shield on the corresponding amplifier output to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops.



Switch with red LED indicator cuts all outputs except for the Tuner out.



Standard 5-pin MIDI connector allows MIDI controllers to activate the inputs and outputs of the JX44 V2. Eight dip switches configure channel, program, and control changes. Can be used in conjunction with the JR-5 remote.



Buffered unbalanced output to feed a tuner pedal. This output is fed by all inactive instrument inputs, and will always be active even if the Mute switch is engaged.



Buffered and Jensen-transformer isolated gold-contact outputs for feeding up to four stage amplifiers.



Balanced XLRM output to feed a mixer or recording interface. Lift switch disconnects pin-1 to eliminate hum and buzz. Assign switch selects whether the Direct Out is fed a pre or post EFX signal, or instrument input 4 exclusively.



Connections for unbalanced instruments, wired in parallel with front panel connections.



XLRM allows connection to the optional JR-5 remote for footswitch control of either the instrument inputs or the amplifier outputs. Two JR-5 remotes can be used simultaneously



Connection for standard IEC power cable. 120V/240V operation for international use.



1/4” TS jack for connection to standard momentary footswitches such as the JR1-M to turn on/off the EFX Loop remotely



1/4” TS send and receive connections for local effects pedal chains



Balanced SGI loop works with the optional SGI-44 to drive long cable runs to and from a remote pedalboard.  


Radial Engineering

About Manufacturer

Radial Engineering is a manufacturer and distributor of professional audio equipment, building tools for the working audio and audio-video professional. Radial is located on the Fraser River, just outside Vancouver, British Columbia in the municipality of Port Coquitlam. The company began operations in the fall of 1991 as the Canadian distributor of Mogami cable and Jensen Audio Transformers. In 1992, it became a limited corporation under the JP Cabletek Electronics Ltd. banner. The Radial name was first used on house branded cables and snake systems. The Radial name and logo represents a cross section of quad cable; Radial being round. In 1996 the Radial JDI direct box was launched. This led the way to the Radial JDV and today, over 50 electronic products are now being produced under the Radial, Tonebone and Forest Audio brands. In 2001, the Primacoustic brand was launched to address the growing demand for acoustic products for the burgeoning home recording market and in 2006, the company officially changed its name to Radial Engineering Ltd.