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ProMark Glenn Kotche Active Wave 570 Drumstick  From Pro Mark

Master drummer and percussionist Glenn Kotche, the rhythmic anchor for Wilco since 2001, has teamed with D'Addario's ProMark brand to develop a first-of-its-kind new drumstick, the Active Wave 750.



Retail:  $26.99

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What We Think

Designed in collaboration with Wilco's Glenn Kotche, ProMark Active Wave 570s are truly first-of-their-kind drumsticks. Featuring ActiveGrip, a heat-activated grip coating that adheres to your hands when they heat up and sweat, and contoured WaveHandles, which provide you with additional grip and a comfortable place for your fingers, it's almost impossible to drop these sticks, and they simply feel great. The WaveHandles make for a great alternative sound source played over various surfaces. ProMark Glenn Kotche Active Wave 570 drumsticks are very comfortable, virtually drop-proof, and ready to rock your kit!

Manufacturer's Description from Pro Mark

The Active Wave 570 features ActiveGrip, which is a heat-activated grip coating that gets tackier when a drummer's hands heat up and start to seat. The stick also features the WaveHandle, specially contoured to provide additional grip and a comfortable place for all fingers. (The ActiveGrip and the WaveHandle were both invented by D'Addario.



About Manufacturer

The ProMark company was founded in 1957 by Herb Brochstein, a professional drummer and drum shop owner. ProMark has always been a family business and so continues with the 2011 purchase by D’Addario & Company from Herb’s son Maury.  The offices and factory remain in Houston, Texas; manufacturing hickory, maple and Japanese Shira Kashi™ Oak (ProMark was the first American drumstick company to successfully market sustainable Japanese Oak) drumsticks in its modern 90,000 square foot facility. 

ProMark uses only un-endangered wood in the manufacturing of its sticks and mallets. The harvesting of our hardwoods is carefully controlled, with replenishment of the forest as one of our top concerns.  Prior to becoming drumsticks, the wood goes through a multitude of selection and pre-finishing processes at our own mill in the mid-south, followed by rigorous inspections throughout the manufacturing process.

The Houston manufacturing team works with the state-of-the-art machinery to produce the drumsticks, keyboard and timpani mallets that are designed tested and used by top performers, educators, students and enthusiasts throughout the world.

ProMark has been the sticks of choice by such renowned artists as Neil Peart, the late Elvin Jones, Ringo Starr, Phil Collins, Mike Portnoy, 9-time DCI champion Concord Blue Devils, and many, many more.


ProMark Glenn Kotche Active Wave 570 Drumsticks Features:

  • Hickory
  • Acorn-shaped tip and long taper 
  • ActiveGrip 
  • Contoured WaveHandles 
  • Diameter: .570"
  • Length: 16 3/4"