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Port City Amplification 1x12 OS Wave Cab w/ WGS Veteran 30  From Port City

Big tone in a compact 1x12 ported cab!

Port City Amplification


"Experience the Difference"

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Kauer Guitars Starliner Gold Top Chambered Guitar 1026-36 Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure electric guitar expert Eddie Berman tests out the Kauer Starliner Gold Top Chambered Guitar #1026-36 with a Kemper Profiler PowerHead Profiling Amplifier, and a Port City Amplification 1x12 OS Wave Cabinet.

Manufacturer's Description from Port City

Our patented Port City Wave Cabinets are a fundamentally different approach to the speaker cabinet. Rather than creating a rectangular box, adding speakers, and hoping for the best, we developed our Wave cabinets to physically interact with the speakers in a more musical way. Inside of every Port City Wave cabinet, there are 45-degree sound deflecting panels along the top and bottom of the back panel. These panels allow the back waves from the speakers to reflect out of the angled port along the width of the front of the cabinet and up to the player. This simple yet effective design yields very noticeable results, with a more balanced tone that doesn’t attenuate or boost any frequencies. This allows every note your speaker produces to be heard as it should be. These cabinets are used by professionals for everything from jazz to metal to country and perform exceptionally in all environments.
Port City Wave Cabinets can match most larger cabinets in terms of volume and depth. When you dig into a bend or a chord, you will hear and feel the difference these cabinets make. Great tone is vital for great musicians and we are sure you’ll love your Wave Cabinet once you hear what you’ve been missing. Sonically speaking, this OS (oversized) version has more low-mids and less compression than our standard size Wave Cabinet.
Port City Amplification

About Manufacturer


Port City Amplification is based out of Asheville, NC, where we design and build all of our products to a strict quality standard, while striving to keep them affordable for working musicians. We approach what we do as an art - not in a lofty, unapproachable fashion - but because we find beauty in the simplicity and depth of what we create. When you buy a Port City product, you are buying a piece of gear that we have invested in so that you can be inspired to make music.


After years of touring, teaching music lessons, a brief career in finance, and working at one of the country's main guitar parts suppliers, Daniel Klein set out to begin what would soon become Port City Amplification. By studying electronics at night while working by day, the groundwork began to take shape. With help from a coworker and local amp guru, Daniel recalls building his first amplifier - a Bassman AB165 clone - and his passion for building amplifiers began to grow.

As Port City developed into a self-sustaining company, it became clear that one thing lacking in the boutique amplifier industry was innovation. One of the first products that was released out of this need was the original 1x12 Wave cabinet, a totally unique design which was approved for a provisional patent soon after. The concept of these cabinets emerged from a place of asking fundamental questions about how to get the best tone possible from a guitar speaker. The simplicity in this approach to designing products continued as Daniel designed the Twelve, and soon after, the Pearl...


Asheville, NC.

We are very proud to operate this business from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. We are located about 10 minutes outside of downtown Asheville and couldn't be happier with this home base for Port City Amplification. 


WGS Veteran 30 Speaker

All Port City cabinets are constructed with 13-ply void-free marine grade Baltic Birch and come loaded with a proprietary Kimber internal wiring harness and a Switchcraft jack. 


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