Pearlman TM-47 Microphone Used  From Pearlman

Another classic Telefunken microphone recreated by Pearlman Microphones! Outfitted with great-sounding EF-12 Tubes!


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Pearlman Microphones

What We Think

If you are looking for a mic with that big, fat, lush sound of a real vintage U47, this is it (without the vintage price tag, of course). A lot of other 47 clones out there are tuned to sound the way a vintage one would have sounded right off the assembly line, but the Pearlman TM-47 is much more similar to how a vintage 47 sounds now, after years of loosening up. This gives the mic a darker, more smooth and warm sound that melts into the mix like butter.

Pearlman TM-47 Microphone Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure pro audio expert Nick Prather explains the many benefits of the Pearlman TM-47 cardioid microphone.

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    • Pearlman TM-47 Microphone

Manufacturer's Description from Pearlman

This microphone is based on the venerable U47 and is built in a body reminiscent of the classic look of the 50s and 60s.  The stock TM-47 is a cardioid microphone made with the Pearlman K47 style capsule (made in Southern California), a 6SJ7 tube, hand wired, point-to-point circuit with paper-in-oil output capacitor, and the Pearlman BV8 type output transformer.  All Pearlman microphones come with shockmount, Mogami cable with Neutrik connectors, USA made power supply, and aluminum carrying case. .. Gluten free.

Pearlman Microphones

About Manufacturer

Pearlman Microphones was founded by industry veteran, David Pearlman, as a source for handmade, high-quality microphones at a price even home recording engineers could afford. All Pearlman microphones are hand-assembled by David personally in his small facility located in the greater LA area and showcase an attention to detail most mass-produce lines struggle to achieve and maintain.