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Oldfield Marquis 36 Amp Head  From Oldfield

2-channel Vox-inspired amplifier head with pentode/triode operation

Oldfield Tube Amplification

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What We Think

Being that I generally prefer blackface-style American sounds for my own playing, it is not every day that I am all that impressed with a Vox-inspired amplifier. Today I got the chance to plug a few different guitars into the Marquis 36 and I was ultimately very pleased with the sounds I heard. It took a bit of tweaking, but once I got my settings where I wanted them I found several very usable tones, ranging from warm, glassy cleans to dynamic and creamy overdrive. In particular I found the hi-cut knob to be very useful, and once I got the EQ about where I wanted it I found that I could just about do the rest with the hi-cut, gain, and master volume controls.

With a Collings I-35, the cleans are spanky, warm, and inspiring, especially when you get it right on the edge of breakup. The drive sounds are fun and creamy, and with some tweaking can easily blend or cut through any mix. Personally, I think the Marquis really shines with single coils, and the jangle and bite of a Nash tele translate perfectly with the EL-84/EF86 tube compliment. With the neck pickup there are some great blues/jazz sounds in this thing and the bridge pickup absolutely screams through the higher-gain settings. This thing sounds remarkably open and full through a 2x12 cabinet, and the Oldfield cabinet loaded with 2 Eminence Legends is an excellent compliment. 

-Jared Wofford



 *Extension Cab sold separately (but sounds so good with it, you should ask us for availability)

Manufacturer's Description from Oldfield

Does not include the extension cab in price

The Marquis 36 is a 36W 2 channel amplifier featuring four EL84 tubes in the output stage. Each channel has it's own gain control and channel 1 features a top-cut tone control. Both channels share a common tone stack (treble, middle, bass) and master volume. There is a switch for pentode/triode operation and a switch to bypass the negative feedback loop.

This amp can yield a wide range of tones from a warm / edgy clean to fat / creamy overdrive.

Oldfield Tube Amplification

About Manufacturer

At Oldfield Tube Amplification we focus on tone, quality and customer relationships. Our goal is to inspire you.

We hand-craft every amplifier, using vacuum tube circuitry and the highest quality components. And because we understand that your approach to music is uniquely your own, our service always begins with a customer consultation. We take pride in providing you with a perfectly nuanced amplifier designed to inspire you to your musically best.

Already playing through a vintage amplifier? You will appreciate our restoration services--performed with thesame commitment to quality and tone that we dedicate to our own hand-built amplifiers. 

Whether you are a national recording artist or enjoy practicing your favorite songs at home, you can rely on the Oldfield difference. Our amplifiers are built to last a lifetime.

See what the Oldfield difference can do for you.


Front Control Panel: Channel 1 In, Channel 2 In, Volume 1, Top Cut, Pentode/Triode, Smooth, Volume 2, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master

Speakers: Speakers: Typically ships with Jensen Blackbird (Other speaker options available at customer request)

Preamp: Channel 1 – 12AX7, Channel 2 – 12AX7

Power: 4 x EL84

Bias: Cathode

Rectifier: 5AR4

Phase Inverter: 12AX7 (long tailed)