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Oldfield Series 64 Model 6440 1x15 Electric Combo Amplifier  From Oldfield

Great vintage American tube amp tone in an enclosure that looks as good as it sounds!

Oldfield Tube Amplification

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Because of our special relationship with Oldfield we can get this as fast, or faster than anyone in the industry. In some cases, we even have preferred build slots we can offer you.

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What We Think

This thing just screams classic Blackface! This Oldfield is an absolute delight of an amp and can handle so many different types of guitars wonderfully. Single coils, Humbuckers, P90's, Filtertrons, we've played them all through the Oldfield - and they all sounded spectacular. Any type of music from country to surf rock, jazz to blues, this thing can cover almost all grounds. The bright boost and mid boost give you all the ability you need to sculpt your tone and cut through them mix, and you'll always be satisfied with your tone when you're using a company as good and reputable as Oldfield. 

Manufacturer's Description from Oldfield


The Series 64 Standard models deliver the classic mid 60's American tone in a variety of output wattages starting with the 20W 6420 up to the 80W 6480.  Each of these models use a similar preamp section mated to a specific output section to give each amp it's own unique tonal palette.


6420 - 2 x 6V6

6435 - 4 x 6V6

6440 - 2 x 6L6

6480 - 4 x 6L6


All of these models excel in their clean tones with lots of headroom but can be driven with just your guitar volume.  With tight lows, spanky mids and smooth highs these amps are suitable for just about any type of playing style from country to jazz to full on rock.

Oldfield Tube Amplification

About Manufacturer

At Oldfield Tube Amplification we focus on tone, quality and customer relationships. Our goal is to inspire you.

We hand-craft every amplifier, using vacuum tube circuitry and the highest quality components. And because we understand that your approach to music is uniquely your own, our service always begins with a customer consultation. We take pride in providing you with a perfectly nuanced amplifier designed to inspire you to your musically best.

Already playing through a vintage amplifier? You will appreciate our restoration services--performed with thesame commitment to quality and tone that we dedicate to our own hand-built amplifiers. 

Whether you are a national recording artist or enjoy practicing your favorite songs at home, you can rely on the Oldfield difference. Our amplifiers are built to last a lifetime.

See what the Oldfield difference can do for you.



- Preamp: 5751, 12AX7

- Power: Depends, see Overview

- Bias: Fixed 

- Rectifier: 5R4 / Solid State Selectable (Except 6480)

- Phase Inverter: 12AT7 Long Tailed Pair

- Half Power Switch

- Reverb (Foot Switch)

- Bias Modulated Tremolo (Foot Switch)

- Bright Boost (Foot Switch And Panel Switch Selectable)

- Mid Boost (Foot Switch And Panel Switch Selectable)

- Brilliance Switch (Panel Switch Selectable)