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Nolatone Road Hogg 22 1x12 Speaker Cabinet  From Nolatone

More like Road Warrior! This is a simple and truly effective boutique cab that gets the job done and sounds absolutely amazing! Check out the videos and sound clips!

Nolatone Ampworks

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Because of our special relationship with Nolatone we can get this as fast, or faster than anyone in the industry. In some cases, we even have preferred build slots we can offer you.

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Nolatone Road Hogg Amp Demo Video

Amazing amp demo for the Nolatone Road Hogg 22! Be sure to call or email SoundPure to get the sound clips from this studio session emailed to you for a closer listen!

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    • Nolatone Road Hogg 22 1x12 Speaker Cabinet

Manufacturer's Description from Nolatone

Nolatone Road Hogg and Road Hogg Lite

I've had a dual product development going for a while now. The Road Hogg is the parent model, but I knew once I got the preamp locked in I was going to offer in as the "Road Hogg Lite" as well. Both are now shipping.

A professional production video demo of the Road Hogg 22 is forthcoming. It was shot at SoundPure Studio in Durham, NC and should be excellent. It is still in editing.

The Road Hogg was designed to for the stage and those who perform on that stage night after night. It represents many lessons I've learned working with working musicians, listening to their concerns, and learning what is important to them.

Simplicity is a big factor for the musician who is on the road playing every night and the Road Hogg delivers on this while avoiding being a "one trick pony". It's easy to dial up and not at all "tweaky". Subtle changes can be achieved by moving the controls allowing easy dial up of the amp for any venue without reinventing the sound reinforcement formula every night.

It works great with humbuckers and single coils/P90s alike. It was designed to offer the clean headroom needed to be the foundation for a variety of music styles, and to take pedals exceptionally well allowing the player to shape his/her tonal palette to their needs, interacting beautifully with the subtle nuances of whatever pedals, guitars, and pickups in front of it.

At the same time, the Road Hogg is ultra dynamic and touch sensitive as well to inspire the ultimate in musical expression. This combination of functional, simple but flexible, and inspiring will make you love your job that much more.

How is the Road Hogg trick different from all the others? To start with, it uses a special configuration of a 12dw7 for the input tube that emulates the wonderful but tempermental ef86 without the microphonics and reliability issues. This makes this amp an excellent pedal platform and contributes to the amp's enhanced dynamics and touch sensitivity. This special input stage feeds a Plexi style cathode follower driven tone stack which delivers the punch and energy that have made the Plexi one of the coveted mainstay amps on live stages for over 40 years. I wanted more tonal flexibility than that circuit offers though so I modified it to use the mid control we use in the Rotten Johnny.

Imagine a Plexi, but with a mid control that scoops mids in such a way that you can get tight bottomed Fender and Vox-like sounds too. That's what this does. And a flip of a switch or a stomp of a button and we bypass our mid control and you have Marshall Plexi tone stack with cranked mid. Works great as a boost or another voice.

Also, the bypass boost on the first stage works great and is also foot-switchable, so you get two footswitchable options for variety and flexibility in live performance without compromising the simplicity of the amp.

In the Road Hogg, this all feeds a fixed bias output section. The 22 Watt version uses 6V6s, 45 Watt uses KT66s, all driving into a Mercury Magnetics Radio Spares OT. The Radiospares OT with 6V6s makes for a LOUDer than expected 22 watter, just like our 22 Tango. 

The Road Hogg combos use our large pine TV front cabinets. The 22 Watt Combo starts at $1999, and the 45 watt starts at $2199.

We now also have a new TV front head box for this line and a 2x12 pine cabinet for the TV front line is available as well as a combo or extension..

Nolatone Ampworks

About Manufacturer

At Nolatone Ampworks we hand build our amplifiers one at a time using ultimate care and attention to detail to create an instrument that will last a lifetime and deliver tone and feel that will allow you to express yourself in ways you may never have thought possible!

We do this by using only the highest quality parts, well thought out circuit layouts, and impeccable build quality.

Some highlights of the quality you receive with a Nolatone Amplifier:

Custom wound Mercury Magnetics transformers

Custom layouts using point-to-point or turret board depending on design.

Circuit construction performed by U.S. Military trained soldering tech.

1 Watt Carbon Film resistors in the audio path

Circuit components chose for best tone and reliability

High Quality German made F&T or Sprague Atom Filter Caps in the power supply

Critical tube positions cushion mounted to for minimized vibration, reducing microphonics and tube reliability issues over time (applies to models 15 watts and above)

10 amp Carling switches. Can you say "Ka-CHUNK"?! (applies to our higher power models)

Switchcraft Jacks

All these things make a difference, and together make a HUGE difference!

Rather than regurgitating the traditional chassis/circuit layouts from popular amps of yesteryear, we put a lot of though into how these layouts can be improved:

We locate our transformers on opposite ends of the chassis for more direct access to lead connections, in addition creating better balance when carrying the amp. Signal leads and high voltage leads are very well isolated from each other. This minimizes noise and maximizes stability.

We design our chassis using CAD software to optimize circuit layout.

Some Notes on Soldering

This one is often overlooked, but we believe very important for long term reliability. Looking inside many an amp, vintage to the absolute top ranked boutique offerings of today all too often "blobby" solder joints can be seen.

Using too much solder can conceal potential problems with the joint. It's possible that years down the road, a contamination in a solder joint, or a cold solder joint will cause a problem, and this type of problem is notoriously difficult to track down, and that translates to EXPENSIVE to fix!

The US Navy Aviation community, where Paul was trained to solder, has strict requirements for soldering as the equipment is subjected to extreme conditions including vibration, high g-forces, salt water, etc. These requirements dictate that a proper solder joint should have enough but not too much solder. A lead should be visible on the turret with a concave flow of solder bonding it to the surface of the turret/pin/etc. This type of solder joint is far less likely to cause problems after leaving the builders bench.


Warehouse Guitar Speaker

Speaker outputs: 8 ohm speaker + 8 ohm extension cab