Nolatone Junebug 2 5W 1x12 Combo w/ Effects Loop - Used  From Nolatone

5 watts of harmonically rich, single-ended tone!


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Nolatone Ampworks

"Gone, Baby, Gone"

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What We Think

Condition: Used, Excellent

This amp is like having two distinct personalities in one killer combo! You'll have a ridiculous range of tonal possibilities at your fingertips just experimenting with the Volume (w/ Pull Bright), Tone and Scoop controls on the Mild Side of things, from pristine clean to crisp, gigantic gain without any the muddiness that some amps suffer from. Flip over to the Wild Side and let loose with Hot Gain, Sweet Gain, and Sizzle controls that will offer up all manner of searing, sustaining Plexi-style sound. The Junebug 2 is the perfect recording amp and then some!  


Manufacturer's Description from Nolatone

Junebug 2

Only 5 Watts? How could that be?

If you are famliar with the classic Tweed Champ or Princeton amps, your notion of what 5 watts sounds like is possibly based on those. You may well be startled when you first crank up the Junebug2. You may find yourself looking in the back to verify there really is just 1 6V6 back there! Well, in true Nolatone style, Paul is usually looking to serve up a healthy dose of Holy Smokes factor and the Junebug 2 delivers that in spades. Several enhancements have been made to the classic Tweed Champ/Princeton power section design to deliver this, not the least of which is the mondo output transformer.

Driving this muscular output section is the clean simplicity of a single channel design featuring our special pentode input stage for great dynamics and pedal compatibility. The input stage feeds a circuit based on the classic Plexi cathode follower driven tone stack. Junebug 2 kicks it up a notch or three adding an extra gain stage which allows smoking high gain hot-rodded Plexi tones, but without sacrificing an entire range of killer classic rock tones! 

In the process of the 3+ year task of designing the unique Nolatone high gain preamps found in the Wicked Garden and Wicked Johnny, I've learned there is great benefit to not going TOO FAR with adding gain stages. These channels, including the Junebug 2, have enough gain on tap to get into singing compressed preamp overdrive, and to achive these gain levels, turn the input gain/volume controls up to higher settings. This is by design so mucho magic can be found in the mid to lower gain settings further down on the dial. 

How many high gain amps have you played that were already too gainy turned up 1/4 of of the way? This is NOT a problem with the Junebug 2! 

The Controls, Improved Flexiblity

The controls are Volume (pull boost), Bass, Treble, and Master. An enormous range of tones are available from this configuration in spite of its simplicity, even more than the former two channel Junebug! This is thanks to the improved tone shaping from the Bass and Treble controls, and more fun still is added with a tug of the volume control engaging the Pull Boost. 

The Clean and the in Between

Plenty of cleaner sounds are available by setting the Volume control for lower gain settings and opening up the Master volume for more overall output to the power section. Though a 5-watt amp is generally not thought of for clean tones, very nice clean tones can be had here. Crank up the volume and find a whole world of tones ranging from chewy blues to crunchy classic rock, all with great touch sensitiity and dynamics, with still more options thrown in thanks to the standard Boost function. 

The Gain, ohhhhh the Gain!

Further up on the volume control awaits screaming overdrive with singing sustain and sweet preamp compression a-la hot-rodded Plexi. The high gain settings sound amazing at any volume and for late night jamming, the Mastercontrol works exceptionally well allowing singing overdrive at whipsper levels with a gradual taper up to louder levels, so no more waking the baby due to touchy master volume controls! 

Still Want More Gain?

The Supergain Option adds another gain stage to the preamp pushing the gain further into sustain-ville. This makes the Junebug2 more rich in high gain options, so if grinding away with preamp gain is more your thing than classic crunch with less preamp gain, this is a great choice for you! 

Need It Louder?

The High Power Option adds upgraded power transformer to support your favorite 25ish watt power tube (EL34, 6L6, KT66, etc) bumping up the power from a (conservatively rated) 5 watts to about 12 watts. In the right setting the standard Junebug 2 can work live, but in many cases you'll want more power, so this is a great option for that. 


Nolatone Ampworks

About Manufacturer

At Nolatone Ampworks we hand build our amplifiers one at a time using ultimate care and attention to detail to create an instrument that will last a lifetime and deliver tone and feel that will allow you to express yourself in ways you may never have thought possible!

We do this by using only the highest quality parts, well thought out circuit layouts, and impeccable build quality.

Some highlights of the quality you receive with a Nolatone Amplifier:

Custom wound Mercury Magnetics transformers

Custom layouts using point-to-point or turret board depending on design.

Circuit construction performed by U.S. Military trained soldering tech.

1 Watt Carbon Film resistors in the audio path

Circuit components chose for best tone and reliability

High Quality German made F&T or Sprague Atom Filter Caps in the power supply

Critical tube positions cushion mounted to for minimized vibration, reducing microphonics and tube reliability issues over time (applies to models 15 watts and above)

10 amp Carling switches. Can you say "Ka-CHUNK"?! (applies to our higher power models)

Switchcraft Jacks

All these things make a difference, and together make a HUGE difference!

Rather than regurgitating the traditional chassis/circuit layouts from popular amps of yesteryear, we put a lot of though into how these layouts can be improved:

We locate our transformers on opposite ends of the chassis for more direct access to lead connections, in addition creating better balance when carrying the amp. Signal leads and high voltage leads are very well isolated from each other. This minimizes noise and maximizes stability.

We design our chassis using CAD software to optimize circuit layout.

Some Notes on Soldering

This one is often overlooked, but we believe very important for long term reliability. Looking inside many an amp, vintage to the absolute top ranked boutique offerings of today all too often "blobby" solder joints can be seen.

Using too much solder can conceal potential problems with the joint. It's possible that years down the road, a contamination in a solder joint, or a cold solder joint will cause a problem, and this type of problem is notoriously difficult to track down, and that translates to EXPENSIVE to fix!

The US Navy Aviation community, where Paul was trained to solder, has strict requirements for soldering as the equipment is subjected to extreme conditions including vibration, high g-forces, salt water, etc. These requirements dictate that a proper solder joint should have enough but not too much solder. A lead should be visible on the turret with a concave flow of solder bonding it to the surface of the turret/pin/etc. This type of solder joint is far less likely to cause problems after leaving the builders bench.



Serial Number: JB2-004

Power Output: 5 watts

Output Tube: 1 - 6V6 Cathode Bias

Preamp Tubes: 2 - 12AX7, 1 - 12DW7

Rectifier: Solid State Plugin (Octal socket wired to support 5Y3/GZ34/etc)

Controls: Volume, Pull Boost, Bass, Treble, Master