Noble & Cooley 7x14 SS Classic Walnut Snare Drum-Natural, from Noble & Cooley

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Noble & Cooley 7x14 SS Classic Walnut Snare Drum-Natural Noble & Cooley 7x14 SS Classic Walnut Snare Drum-Natural Noble & Cooley 7x14 SS Classic Walnut Snare Drum-Natural Noble & Cooley 7x14 SS Classic Walnut Snare Drum-Natural Noble & Cooley 7x14 SS Classic Walnut Snare Drum-Natural Noble & Cooley 7x14 SS Classic Walnut Snare Drum-Natural
Noble & Cooley 7x14 SS Classic Walnut Snare Drum-Natural
Noble & Cooley 7x14 SS Classic Walnut Snare Drum-Natural Noble & Cooley 7x14 SS Classic Walnut Snare Drum-Natural Noble & Cooley 7x14 SS Classic Walnut Snare Drum-Natural

This Noble & Cooley SS Maple Classic Snare Drum is a steam bent walnut shell with solid brass lugs and a natural gloss finish.

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Noble & Cooley's Classic snare drums have a sound and a playability that are unique to their own. The walnut is a new offering in 2017 to the expanding line of Noble & Cooley drums but with limited supply. The Classic Walnut articulation and sensitivity have a modern sound that built on a steam bending process that is ages old. 

Unlike the normal ply shell drums, the steam bent shells offer more sustain and a resonance. The Classic utilizes solid brass components offered in a polished brass which is standard or in a chrome plated finish for a small upcharge. The lugs, like the CD Maple, stay in tune with precision and ease. These lugs are solid and attached with single screws at the nodal point. This offers a nice minimal contact point on the shell and allows the shell to resonant at maximum efficiency. Their drawbridge style throw is simple, elegant, and quiet. 

The Classic snare drum performs well in multiple tuning ranges. In the medium and high tuning ranges, this drum offers sparkle and clarity from the center of the drum to the edges with ease.  At a lower tuning, this drum has a fat note that exceeds it's shell depth but without sacrificing the definition. This is one of the few solid shell snare drums in its price point that exceeds its value. 

The SS Classic was Noble & Cooley's initial offering in the professional drum arena, and served to establish our reputation as a manufacturer of "The World's Best Drums."

SOLID SHELL: The heart of this drum is the shell. We take a piece of 1/4" solid walnut, hand-picked for grain consistency, and run it through a steam bending process that hasn't changed since the Civil War. A single piece of wood will vibrate far more freely than a piece constructed of multiple plies. Accordingly, a single ply shell will vibrate (resonate) more freely than the multi-ply shells that are most commonly used in drum manufacture. This resonance is what gives the SS Classic it's characteristic warmth and legendary bite. 

NODAL POINT LUG MOUNTING: Sound, as every grade school student knows, is produced and travels as a wave pattern. Although not nearly as apparent to the naked eye, a drum shell vibrates in much the same manner as a guitar string. By placing the lug post at the nodal point of the shell's natural wavelength, the intrinsic tone-creating vibration is virtually unaffected by the mass of the lug. The shell rings true. Instead of all drumhead sound, the shell itself adds to the ultimate tone of the drum. Nodal Point technology is a Noble & Cooley patent. Our choice of low-mass brass lugs also serves to counter the inhibiting effect mounted hardware has on shell vibration.

SNARE SYSTEM: Of obvious importance to a snare drum is the snare system itself. This includes the snares, the throw-off, and the snare beds. Our patented cam-action snare wires are designed to allow very tight tensioning without choking the bottom, resonant head. They also will vibrate beautifully at medium and loose tensions. This creates a very versatile drum that can be tuned up or down as the playing situation or material requires. Our brass throw-off is smooth, simple and elegant. The snare wires are engaged or disengaged quietly and evenly. It is cast of low-mass brass and lacquered to a brilliant finish.

BEARING EDGE: Arguably the single most important aspect of drum crafting, the bearing edge is the point of contact between the shell and the drum head. It is the accuracy of the bearing edge (perfectly flat, no nicks, marks, etc) that will determine the tone and tunability of the drums. All of our custom drums have hand cut bearing edges that are checked and rechecked on a machinist's grade granite flat (true to 1/10,000 of an inch). This exacting process is an art; a perfect edge takes serious time and experience to create and makes the difference between a good drum, and a great drum.

Noble & Cooley Classic Walnut Snare Drum Features

  • 100% North American Walnut shell
  • Brass Lugs
  • Brass Throw-off
  • 2.3mm Hoops
  • Remo heads
  • Made in the USA


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