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Noble & Cooley 6x14 Alloy Classic Snare Drum-Natural/Chrome  From Noble & Cooley

Unlike most metal drums, the Alloy Classic is built of cast aluminum, not rolled sheet metal, or sliced from tubing. This process renders a more porous shell, and the resulting sound is denser. 

Noble & Cooley Drums


Retail:  $1,500.00

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What We Think

For nearly 20 years the Noble & Cooley Alloy Classic has been one of the most sought after snare drums for recording and live players. Its sound is the stuff of legends. 

The Alloy Classic starts with a cast aluminum shell and machined to exact tolerances creating a drum like no other. Through our extensive testing, we loved the wide range of sonic possibilities the Alloy Classic provides. It has much more character than most metal snares. By tuning the heads high, you can still get the "crack" or "pop" of a metal drum, but at looser tunings, the sound of the drum can mimic the warmth of a wood shell. Like most of the Noble & Cooley drums, the Alloy Classic uses 45-degree bearing edges giving pristine articulation regardless of where it is tuned and the die cast hoops accentuate rimshots and the all important backbeat.

Available in black or natural, die cast hoops or flanged hoops, the Alloy Classic gives players options to fine tune their perfect sound. If you find yourself wanting something outside of the normal metal snare drum offerings, give the Noble & Cooley Alloy Classic a listen and see what it can do for your playing.

Noble & Cooley 6x14 Alloy Classic Snare Drum - Black, Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure drums specialist Barry Knain explains the various features of the Noble & Cooley 6x14 Alloy Classic Snare, and tests it out in several different tuning ranges.

Manufacturer's Description from Noble & Cooley

CONSISTENCY: The Alloy Classic shell is machined after casting. Lathing and CNC machining produce a drum of incredible consistency. The bearing edge and shell dimensions are kept to a very tight tolerance.

HARDWARE: The Alloy Classic uses the famous N&C brass throw-off and patented cam action snares. The lugs are low-mass brass tube style lugs, and the rims are die-cast. The hardware is all black powdercoat, but can be chromed for an additional charge.

Noble & Cooley Drums

About Manufacturer

As a company, Noble & Cooley has a rich heritage that is as singular and remarkable as the drums themselves. Founded in 1854 by Silas Noble and James Cooley, the company has been producing drums for over 140 years. We were one of the primary manufacturers of marching drums for the Union Army during the Civil War. Still owned and operated by direct descendants of James Cooley, the Noble & Cooley Company of today is run from the same rustic location in Granville, Massachusetts.

For many years, Noble & Cooley served primarily the toy drum market. It was in 1980 that company vice-president Jay Jones (Great-great-great grandson of James Cooley) decided to enter the professional drum arena. Working closely with designer Bob Gatzen and pulling out of retirement a steam bending machine old enough to have survived a company fire in 1889, N&C introduced the Solid Shell Maple Classic snare drum in late 1983. The drum was a huge success and revolutionized the drum industry to a degree no one could have expected.

It is precisely this combination of innovation and tradition that fuels Noble & Cooley to this day. Attention to detail and the relentless pursuit of perfection are the motivating ideals of our company philosophy. Our commitment to excellence is the reason why Noble & Cooley are called by many "The World's Best Drums."


Noble & Cooley Alloy Classic Snare Drum Features:

  • Cast aluminum shell
  • Die cast hoops
  • Chrome hardware
  • Brass tube lugs
  • Cam action snare wires
  • Evans heads