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Nash PB-63 Vintage White Bass Guitar #SND-149 - Used  From Nash

Vintage looks and tone at a wallet friendly price.


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Nash Guitars

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What We Think

Condition: Used, Very Good

This bass has that tight, responsive, tubby sound and feel that immediately calls to mind classic Motown. The finish work is from one of our favorite periods in Nash production when they made them glossier and the aging work really shows. A perfect workhorse bass with the looks to match!

SP Luthier Notes: Setup and fret dress

Manufacturer's Description from Nash

Though the impact of the electric guitar is obvious, the significance of the electric bass is just as influential in the creation of modern popular music. Eschewing the traditional stand up bass in favor of the electric enabled groups to perform in larger venues, to bigger audiences, and was the last step in truly electrifying music. Our PB Models honor the tradition and feel of these trailblazers.

The design of the PB57 is based on the tremendously popular S Model guitars, the influence of which can been seen in the PB57's pickguard, body shape, and headstock. This build features a split coil pickup for hum-canceling and a bigger output. Our PB57 comes in both ash and alder. While Two Tone, Three Tone, and Black are the classic finish choices, this model is available in all of our standard colors. A Gold Anodized pickguard makes for the most traditional look, although 3-ply Black, White, Mint, Tortoise Shell, and Pearl are options as well.

Nash Guitars

About Manufacturer

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to play a great vintage guitar, you know how it feels to play a Nash guitar. Bill Nash creates instruments that replicate the greatest aspects of vintage guitars in a reliable, affordable package. Taking cues from some of the best specimens of sought-after guitars from decades past, Nash goes to extreme lengths to give their brand-new axes the sound, feel, and look of something that has been played for years and withstood the test of time. Period-correct parts, finishes, sounds, and incredibly detailed aging processes create a piece that will feel comfortable and familiar right out of the box. 

Some of the most popular Fender guitar and bass models are represented in the Nash Guitar lines, as well as a few classics from Gibson. For Fender-style guitars and basses, the instruments are assembled from the ground up with hand-selected wood parts and period-correct appointments. For Gibson-style instruments, brand-new Gibson USA guitars are sent to Nash where they are stripped of everything from hardware, electronics, and finish so that they are starting almost entirely from scratch with just the bare wood. Variable levels of relicing are applied to each guitar--from light, medium, heavy, to very heavy--however each instrument that leaves the shop will have the same standard of playability and reliability regardless of the level of aging. This is to say that, while one guitar may have been heavily reliced in the Nash shop, it will not perform any better or worse than one with lighter relicing, the difference will be in the look and feel of the instrument. 

Whether you are looking for a solid workhorse guitar, a stand-in for that irreplaceable piece you would never take on the road, or just want a taste of the magic that made some of history’s most  coveted American instruments, Nash Guitars will satisfy anyone who craves that vintage guitar experience.



Model: PB-63

Serial: SND-149

Year: 2013

Weight: 8.25 lbs

Body Wood: Alder

Color: Vintage White

Neck: Maple

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Neck Shape: C

Frets: 21, 6105 Nickel

Nut Material: Tusq

Nut Width: 1.625"

Bridge: Vintage Traditional

Tuners: Gotoh Vintage

Middle Pickup: Lollar

Aging: Medium

Pickguard: Tortoise

Knobs: Aged Chrome

Case: Nash Hardshell