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MSD Paranoid Fuzz Pedal  From MSD

Black Sabbath in a box. A very nice box

MSD Pedals

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Manufacturer's Description from MSD

Sabath-Style-Fuzz PARANOID RETRO FUZZ Do you prefer the sound of an Orange to a Vox? Were you more excited about the Ozzy reunion w/Sabbath than David Lee getting back w/VH? Would you rather have seen Tony at MSG than Jimi at Berkley? If youýre not the typical guitarist, then why settle for the typical gear choices? The Rock N Roll Doctors at Germanyýs Musician Sound Design have found the cure for your ills, and it comes in a little silver box called the PD-1 Paranoid. As the name implies, the Paranoid was designed to reproduce the massive, syrupy thick guitar tones of Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi circa the first four Sabbath studio albums. Three simple controls initiate the mere mortal to this netherworld of tone.ll The PD-1 is hand built in Germany and features the highest quality components available such as a 14-gauge stainless steel chassis which helps eliminate noise, a Blue LED status indicator, and mechanical true bypass switching (not that you will ever shut it off!). The Paranoid is covered by a one-year parts and labor warranty. When youýre ready to sell your soul for Rock and Roll, the Musician Sound Design PD-1 Paranoid is your one-way ticket to an eternity of tone!

MSD Pedals

About Manufacturer

Musician Sound Design Pedals. Handmade in Germany.