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Metric Halo ULN-2 Expanded +DSP w/2 Jensen Transformers  From Metric Halo

Low Noise 2-Channel Recording Interface and Audio Converter that is as powerful as it is portable, with DSP License and Jensen transformers.

Metric Halo


Retail:  $3,194.00

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Manufacturer's Description from Metric Halo

The ULN-2 possesses virtually every characteristic that is coveted in a Mic Preamp: exceptionally low noise at all gains, exceptionally high gain, excellent common mode and RFI rejection, incredibly flat frequency response, and ultra-low distortion. It simply increases the level of what you put into it without having to consider the nature of the source: Dynamic Mics, Phantom Powered Mics, Ribbon Mics, Instrument or line level signals are all handled with equal ease and quality.

So why change it?

The ULN-2 is an incredibly good Mic Pre, but sometimes you want something that isn’t quite "so pristine". It is well known that a certain amount of low-order harmonic distortion has a way of adding “depth” and “sheen” to everything — which explains the high regard for classic transformer coupled preamps.

Enter the Jensen Option

With the transformer option installed, the ULN-2 acquires that classic character. A few years ago, we fitted a prototype ULN-2 with a pair Jensen JT16-A's just for fun. We found that there were some very nice benefits to transformer coupling the input stage of the ULN-2. The Transformers impart a more "glossy", "smoothed" sound than the capacitively coupled ULN-2, which simply faithfully passes the source. Sonically, it's kind of like the difference between images shot on film and images shot in HD.

Enjoy complete isolation

A second benefit is that the transformer completely electrically isolates the preamp from the source – raising the common mode rejection above its already excellent performance, and providing a measure of confidence when dealing with the unknowns of location sound.


Truly Portable, Completely Pro Digital Audio Hub

The Mobile I/O ULN-2 is a best in class FireWire interface that provides 4 inputs and 6 outputs of comprehensive, simultaneous I/O, 24/96kHz A/D/A conversion with two channels of Ultra Low Noise preamps (72dB of gain with an E.I.N. of –130.5dBu), two channels of digital I/O as AES and S/PDIF, balanced send/return path, and individual monitor and headphone outputs, each with front panel level control. The ULN-2+DSP is the only unit in its class with an on-board processing chip, allowing you to use world renowned Metric Halo signal processing effects without sacrificing your computer's processing power.This one rack space audio interface has the ability to run entirely from the FireWire bus of a laptop computer or from any DC power source (9V-30V), making it truly and completely mobile.

ULN-2 is the perfect tool for capturing audio wherever inspiration hits, in the studio or on the road. Well suited to any recording situation, the ULN mic preamps provide exceptional detail and an ultra-fast slew rate. Fully balanced analog inserts on TRS connectors allow outboard analog dynamics processing to be introduced between the mic pres and the A/D converters. Wordclock I/O and 4-pin XLR power port (for use with typical broadcast camera batteries) complete the rear panel connections of this highly portable device.


Flexible signal routing and sophisticated patch and preset management systems are also featured in the new +DSP version, including a front panel, nine-preset register for standalone operation. ULN-2+DSP's front-panel recall system allows the unit to function equally as well as a stand-alone Mic Pre/Converter system. In standalone mode, the ULN-2 operates with the converters directly routed to and from the AES/SPDIF I/O. As a standalone converter, the ULN-2 provides a 24bit/96kHz stereo front-end with ultra-low noise mic pres for any recording system. It also functions seamlessly as a digital monitor controller, making it ideal as digital headphone amp and studio monitor controller.



Metric Halo

About Manufacturer

Metric Halo provides the world with high-resolution metering, analysis, and processing solutions with award winning software and hardware. As an industry leader, Metric Halo has developed a product line so powerful and versatile, its applications range from live sound reinforcement, CD/DVD mixing and mastering, film and broadcast production to forensic science, airline safety investigation, medical research, and designing the next generation Ferrari and BMW automobiles.


ULN-2 Technical Specifications


Mic Inputs
Stepped Gain Range +6 dB – +72 dB (6 dB Steps)
Gain Range with Trim -14dB – +70 dB
Input Impedance 3.3 kΩ
Harmonic Distortion @1kHz
(+9dBu in @ 6 dB Gain)
Intermodulation Distortion
1k component
(19 kHz/20kHz @ +8dBu)
-96 dBu
Equivalent Input Noise (E.I.N.)
20 Hz – 20 kHz Flat @ 72 dB Gain
150Ω Source -130.5 dBu
50Ω Source -132.0 dBu
0Ω Source -134.0 dBu
Frequency Response
18 Hz – > 20 kHz ± 0.1 dB
8 Hz – > 50 kHz ± 1.0 dB
3 Hz – >100 kHz ± 3.0 dB
Crosstalk @1kHz
trim link engaged -107 dB
trim link disengaged -132 dB
Max Gain 72 dB
Preamp Headroom 20 dB above Digital Clip
Phantom Power +48v Regulated, high current, individually
switchable, P48 test compliant, short circuit/
hot-swap protected
Physical Specs
Controls Stepped Gain (12 steps 6dB – 72 dB)
Continuous Attenuator on return
Attenuation link
Mic/Line Select switch
Independent Monitor Volume Controls
Independent Phantom Power Controls
[W x D x H]
13.75” x 8.25” x 1.73”
34.9 cm x 21 cm x 4.4 cm
Weight 4 lbs
1.8 kg
Rating 8 watts @ 9 – 30v DC
Connectors 2.1 mm Coaxial
4 pin XLR Broadcast Battery