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Meinl CAJ8MB-M String Pickup Cajon- Makah-Burl  From Meinl Percussion

The MEINL Pickup Cajons are equipped with the DST pickup microphone and the A1.2 preamp system with volume control from B-Band ®.

Meinl Percussion


Retail:  $496.00

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What We Think

This Meinl Pickup Cajon features DST pickup microphone and active preamp system with a fully adjustable set of snare wires that brush against the inside of the playing surface to deliver a crisp snare effect. Simply adjusting the amount of pressure the snares have on the front plate by turning the knob conveniently located on the side affords you sound options and varies the sensitivity of the Cajon. This Cajon also comes with a padded seat that keeps you comfortable and four rubber feet that keep the base of your Cajon safe from scratches and slipping and sliding. This instrument is ideal for softer acoustic gigs when a full drum kit cannot be used. Its portability, as well as its musicality, make it easy for musicians to pick up and play without hassle.


Manufacturer's Description from Meinl Percussion

The MEINL Pickup Cajons are equipped with a pickup microphone and a pre-amp system with volume control from Shadow®. This active system includes a specially designed pre-amp, high quality endpin output jack and a durable battery.

This active system includes a specially designed preamp, high quality endpin output jack and a durable battery. The structure is light in mass adding very little weight to the instrument. The sound reproduction is amazingly pure and clear. This installed microphone system provides comfortable and easy handling in live situations. Plug in and play.


Meinl Percussion

About Manufacturer

Roland Meinl Percussion is a leading manufacturer of percussion instruments, based in Gutenstetten, Germany. The company, founded in 1951 by Roland Meinl, commercializes a wide range of products that includes bendirs, batá drums, berimbaus, bodhráns, bongo drums, cabasas, cajons, castanets, chimes, congas, cowbells, cymbals, darbukas, didgeridoos, djembes, djembefolas, doumbeks, güiras, güiros, hand drums, jingle bells, kanjiras, maracas, marimbulas, mbiras, pandeiros, pleneras, repiniques, shakers, surdos, tablas, talking drums, tambourines, timbaus and triangles, among others.


Meinl Percussion CAJ8MB-M Traditional String Cajon Features:

  • Rubberwood body
  • Makah-Burl frontplate 
  • Adjustable top corners
  • Concave body 
  • Adjustable strings 
  • Padded seat