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McPherson Camrielle 4.0 Adirondack/Beeswing Mahogany #2135  From McPherson

Camrielle 4.0 with an Adirondack Red Spruce top and Beeswing Mahogany back and sides!


Our product photos are the actual, specific serial number for sale!

This specific item was photographed by us here in Durham, North Carolina. We are a very small team dedicated to providing you the most accurate photos possible, through our obsessive focus - individually photographing nearly everything that comes through the door. Questions about what you see? Want more information, photos, or just a friendly conversation with someone that cares and who has actually had their hands on this exact item? Contact us now!
McPherson Guitars

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What We Think

Another gem of the modern golden age of guitar construction!  This Camrielle is a perfect paradox of specialization and versatility...more like a King of all Trades than a Jack!  Whether you're flatpicking or fingerpicking, every playing approach is graced with old-world woodiness and new world brilliance and complexity.  We love how the back tapers in just a bit as you get to the end pin, allowing a big box without that nasty shoulder pinch many dread players are familiar with.  Superlative in every way!

McPherson 4.0XP Engelmann Spruce/Figured Bubinga Acoustic Guitar Demo - McPherson Guitars

The 4.0XP Engelmann Spruce/Figured Bubinga from McPherson Guitars is truly an astonishingly beautiful guitar, both in tone and aesthetic. Often referred to as African Rosewood, Bubinga is actually not a part of the Rosewood family at all, however it does provide very similar tones most commonly exhibited with Rosewood Guitars. The warmth in the bass, and the complexity of overtones is directly attributed to the softness of the Engelmann Spruce top, which provides a palpable richness to the guitar's tone. The 4.0XP Engelmann Spruce/Figured Bubinga is best suited for gentler playing, it is great for fingerpicking, and really produces a supreme quality of sound, as to be expected in any McPherson Guitar. If you have any questions about this stunning, handmade McPherson or any other gear used in this video, please call SoundPure today 919.682.5552. or 888.528.9703. Big Thanks to Keith Ganz for contributing his incredible talent to the making of this video.    Gear Used: McPherson 4.0XP Engelmann Spruce/Figured Bubinga, Schoeps CMC6 Microphone body with MK22 Capsules, Sebatron Axis 200VU Preamp, Lynx Aurora A/D Converter

Manufacturer's Description from McPherson

Designed with a slightly smaller body profile, the compact, punchy tone and clear, bell-like voice of the Camrielle® are all McPherson®. The Camrielle® sounds great in any musical setting, and excels as a fingerstyle go-to instrument.

A stunning Mahogany with small wavy grain and interlocking flame pattern similar to that of a bees wing. Beeswing's tight grain and figure make this an excellent choice for those that are looking for a mahogany guitar.

McPherson Guitars

About Manufacturer

The acoustic guitar is an instrument with a lot of history. Some of the most incredible acoustic instruments were made in America during what is known as the “Golden Era” of guitar building, but not much has changed since. Many boutique builders pride themselves on making the most faithful recreations of these aging instruments, and most of the focus is placed on looking into the past.  McPherson Guitars is not one of these brands.

Believing that there is more to strive for out of flat-top acoustics, McPherson introduced their revolutionary Offset Soundhole Technology over three decades ago. This allows for greater vibration in the center of the guitar top, as well as more volume and clarity in the ears of the player. Their unique bracing system also creates a larger, more even space for the top to vibrate, increasing the clarity and projection of sound. Every McPherson guitar features a cantilevered neck, which means that the fretboard does not actually make contact with the guitar top. This design allows the space underneath the fretboard to vibrate, again contributing to a larger area of flexible surface on the top. McPherson guitars also offer an enormous selection of tonewoods, from the classic Spruce, Rosewood, and Mahogany varieties to the rare and exotic. Some of the less common tonewoods like Acacia, Cocobolo, Walnut, Pau Rosa, Macassar Ebony, and others can be combined in interested ways to make very unique sounding instruments. While many of the advancements McPherson has made in acoustic guitar building result in superior tone, sustain, and resonance, McPhersons are also far less susceptible to damage than their “Golden Era” counterparts. Every McPherson neck is fitted with a carbon graphite truss rod in a triangulated system that is so stable that it eliminates the need for neck adjustment. If you are looking for an acoustic guitar that is more than just a replica, look no further than McPherson Guitars. In 50 years, they might be the ones being replicated. 



Serial Number: 2135

McPherson Camrielle 4.0

Bees Wing Mahogany/Adirondack Red Spruce top

Ebony binding

African Mahogany neck

Ebony fretboard, headcap, bridge

3 custom bone saddles

Waverly Tuners

25 1/2 scale

Nickel fret wire

L. R. Baggs 3 volt element

Ameritage Hard Shell case