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Maxon RCP 660 Compressor Pedal  From Maxon

Compressor Pedal

Maxon Effects Pedals

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Manufacturer's Description from Maxon

Tube compression is the stuff of legend, and many of the greatest recordings of all time were tracked using tube compressors in the studio. The problem is that these vintage tube units are generally cumbersome, expensive, and hard to maintain, making them virtually unusable in a real-world environment.

With this in mind, Maxon created the RCP660 Real Compressor. Powered by a hand-selected 12AY7EH preamp tube, The RCP660 takes the amazing tube tone of studio rack gear and packs it into a compact, floor mounted stompbox that can be used virtually anywhere for any audio application.

The RCP660's controls are deceptively simple to use, yet they offer an incredible array of compressed tones. Master controls the output volume, and can add up to 10 dB of clean boost to the input signal. Sensitivity determines the input level at which the compression is activated ? keep it set low for use as a Limiter or crank it for constant, consistent compression. Attack and Sustain knobs control the degree of compression and intensity, allowing for everything from a subtle pinch to extreme squash.

The RCP660 also features a Footswitchable Boost function, allowing for quick changes between solo and rhythm playing or the ability to use the unit as a clean Booster in front of your amp. The Boost function adds a full 13 dB of Gain to the signal, more than enough to jump out in front of a full-band mix or drive the input of any amplifier into sweet, singing, saturation. While the RCP660 is great for live use, it really shines when used for recording. When used on a direct input to a hard disk recorder, the RCP660 can add warmth, detail and a three-dimensional quality to steel or nylon string acoustics that simply must be heard to be believed. Bass Guitars will also benefit from the RCP660, which works perfectly to reign in the low frequencies in that annoying "woofy" range without losing the desired punch and power needed to make a great recording. When your playing or recording demands the sound of classic tube compression, the RCP660 Real Compressor is the only real choice.

Maxon Effects Pedals

About Manufacturer

Since their beginning in the late 1960s, Maxon has built their reputation on a single concept quality. Early on our engineers realized that anything could be built faster and cheaper, but to build something better was the true mark of a master. Our relentless pursuit of perfection met many obstacles over the years, but like anyone committed to a cause, Maxon kept their sights focused on the ultimate goal to build the highest quality audio products possible. Our quest led us to many firsts in the industry the first realistic tube-amp overdrive; the first compact analog delay; the first multi-effect unit; the first programmable effect the list goes on. And while many companies have "borrowed" these groundbreaking design concepts over the years, few have been able to match Maxon's ingenuity, determination and longevity on their own. Today, after nearly 25 years as an OEM supplier to some of the music industry's largest companies, Maxon is once again offering our own brand of products to the US marketplace. We've made available detailed information on Maxon's line of analog effect units including technical specs, audio demos, user comments, and design secrets that have until now remained classified. We hope you gain as much enjoyment from studying this information as we did in compiling it! Thirty years in, Maxon has their sight set on the same goal to build the finest quality audio products possible, always. Maxon still effecting generations.