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Luke Audio AL-Y56 (Platinum Series)  From LA

3 distinct LDC tube mics in one! Luke Audio's Y56 "pop-top" design gives you immediate access to airy and modern, rich and velvety, or classicly vibed sounds right away with hot-swappable capsules voiced after the coveted C12, U67 and U47 styles.

Luke Audio

What We Think

Sound Pure is excited to now be an official Luke Audio dealer! Upon receiving their AL-Y56 tube mic, we put it through the ringer and immediately found that it held its own against other LDCs 3 times its price. Plus, it's literally 3 mics in one! The hot-swappable capsule is a useful tool for experimentation and provides users with the convenience to explore 3 distinct (and classically voiced) capsules on any source, without delay. The AL-Y56 has gelled with every source that we've thrown it up against, and we can't wait to experiment even more!

Luke Audio AL-Y56 Quick 'n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure pro audio specialist Marc Kuzio walks us through the brand new Luke Audio AL-Y56 and tests out the three different capsules.

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    • Luke Audio AL-Y56 (Platinum Series)

Manufacturer's Description from LA

The AL-Y56 is a high-end, large diaphragm, tube condenser, “pop top” microphone with three distinctly voiced, interchangeable, hand-built Platinum-sputtered capsules. The extreme versatility of the Y56 with its 3, included, hot-swappable capsules yield a microphone capable of your wildest dreams. Each capsule is Platinum-sputtered and handbuilt by Allen Luke in Nashville, TN. The AL-Y56 features a 6072a vacuum tube, 11.5:1 output transformer, 10dB pad, and only the finest hand selected components. From light and airy, to full and warm. The Y56 will supply you with the tonal characteristics you desire!

Luke Audio

About Manufacturer

Allen Luke’s new boutique audio company, started in 2015, approached us with their new AL-Y56 large diaphragm tube microphone, featuring 3 hot-swappable capsules with distinct voicings. We were immediately interested and jumped at the chance to compare it against some of the stars in our studio mic locker. The build quality is impressive, especially for the price. It’s gelled with every source we’ve thrown it up against, and we can’t wait to see more from Luke.