Lowden F32 16738 Acoustic Guitar  From Lowden

Medium Sized Acoustic Rosewood back and sides Sitka Spruce top


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Lowden Guitars

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What We Think

An amazingly balanced new F32 from George Lowden. This guitar is an absolute joy to play. Tons of sparkle with overtones for days. This guitar will be a champion in the recording studio.

Lowden F32 Acoustic Guitar Demo Royer R121 Ribbons, AEA RPQ

Royer R121 Ribbon microphones capture a gorgeous George Lowden F32 Acoustic guitar featuring Sitka Spruce Top with Indian Rosewood backs and sides. It is recorded using a spaced matched pair of Royer R121 Ribbon Microphones (reversed), through an AEA RPQ Ribbon Microphone Preamp with polarity reversed, and EQ shelf engaged. Royer R121s are a world standard ribbon mic, most famous for recording electric guitar amps, but in this demo, their versatility is demonstrated impressively with an acoustic guitar (not your typical ribbon microphone choice). They were perfectly paired with one of the most ideal preamps, an AEA RPQ which has the just the right amount of tonal/EQ control, which we used to dial in the traditional fall-off of a ribbon microphone in the high frequency area by boosting 50% at 6Khz. This result gave us a really natural interpretation of the guitar, which was beautifully captured by the microphones, just a little lacking in top-end presence. While the ribbons have a smooth character which can take quite a bit of EQing, and this preamps EQ shelf is wonderfully transparent in nature, the two combined to produce an accurate sound of this instrument- it is an articulate, harmonically complex medium-bodied guitar with extraordinary punch and sustain. Another George Lowden Acoustic Guitar masterpiece. Call us at Sound Pure anytime to discuss this guitar, our recording techniques, or the recording gear that we sell, toll free 888-528-9703

Manufacturer's Description from Lowden

Over the years the 32 has become more sought after especially because of its full bodied and yet very clear defined tone. The sitka spruce top help to balance the rosewoodýs warm fullness. The O version is warm, full and clear, the F is the same but with a more focused projection making it ideal for flat-picking and fingerstyle. The S version has been a bit of a surprise in that it has a large body sound in a concert sized instrument! and so I included it in this yearýs collection.

Lowden Guitars

About Manufacturer

Handmade flattop acoustic guitars by renowned luthier George Lowden.


Back and Sides: Indian Rosewood

Soundboard: Sitka Spruce

Rosette:Rosewood, Sycamore, Walnut, Mahogany

Pickguard: Clear

Bindings: Figured Sycamore

Purflings: Walnut, Sycamore, Rosewood, Mahogany

Fingerboard: Ebony

Tuners: Gotoh Gold/Ebony 510


Neck: 5 Piece: Mahogany, Rosewood, Walnut

Back Center Seam: Rosewood, Mahogany

Headstock Overlay: East Indian Rosewood

Nuts and Saddles: "Tusq"/Bone

Neck Width at Nut: 45mm 1 25/32"

Neck Width at 14th Fret: 57mm 2 1/4"

Soundbox Width: 403mm 15 7/8"

String Scale Length: 650mm 25 19/32"