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Lowden 0-25 Cedar/Rosewood Grand Concert Acoustic #21329, from Lowden

A beautiful and well playing acoustic from Lowden! 

Lowden Guitars

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What We Think

Classic Lowden!  Articulate, lively as they come, and insistently sustaining.  If alternate tunings get you going, this guitar will get you flying.  Not just fingerstyle, either!  While the sensitivity of that massive Cedar top is sure to transmit every little nuance inflected by right and left hands, the sheer size of it allows for a surprisingly forceful right hand attack, too.  Lowden is one of those makers capable of completely changing the way a player thinks of the instrument--this instrument couldn't be a better example of that fact! 

Lowden 0-25 Cedar/Rosewood Grand Concert Acoustic #21329 Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure Acoustic Guitar Specialist Sam Kelly plays the Lowden O-25 Cedar/Rosewood Grand Concert Acoustic #21329 through a Manley Reference Silver Microphone.

Manufacturer's Description from Lowden

 The 25 was often thought of as THE Lowden. Nowadays with many more new models it is not possible to say which would be THE Lowden, but the 25 has character in bags. It is rich, full-bodied, warm and powerful...In the O version it has complexity as well.
Lowden Guitars

About Manufacturer

Handmade flattop acoustic guitars by renowned luthier George Lowden.


Serial Number: 21329

Top  Wood: Red Cedar

Nut Width: 45 mm (1 25/32 in.)



Scale Length: 650 mm (25.5906 in.)



Neck Profile: GL Standard



Fingerboard: Ebony with Ebony Binding


Frets To Body: 14



Neck: Mahogany-Rosewood



Back & Sides Wood Type:

East Indian Rosewood

Binding: Mahogany


Sycamore - Walnut - Rosewood  - Mahogany

Tuners: Gotoh 381's Gold w/ Ebony Buttons