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Little Walter 44 Watt Head in Hiwatt Black  From Little Walter

Absolutely HUGE crunch sound from Phil Bradbury's "Claudia"!

Little Walter Tube Amps

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Because of our special relationship with Little Walter we can get this as fast, or faster than anyone in the industry. In some cases, we even have preferred build slots we can offer you.

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What We Think

Little Walter amps are a shop favorite due to their powerful, robust tone and minimalistic build style. So when we got this 44 watt head, we were blown away...both figuratively and literally!

Phil Bradbury is known for his exceptional clean-sounding amps but when he sets his mind to building a crunchier sound, he does not disappoint...this amp sounds huge! It's a great choice for players with strong dynamic control as it cleans up nicely as you roll off your volume but throw your volume wide open and this amp bursts and blooms with gorgeous, crunchy tones! 

Phil names all of his chassis and we guarantee that "Claudia" is not going to disappoint! Call us today to bring her home!

Manufacturer's Description from Little Walter

I take great pride in the construction of each and every Little Walter tube amp. It was hand built by myself in North Carolina with the best components available. This amp was custom built for Sound Pure in Durham, North Caolina. I name each of my chassis and the name of this one is Claudia.

-Phil Bradbury

This amp was created to take the 22 to the next level. When the prototype was finished I took this amp to Nashville and had several of my friends play it and give me their feedback. LeeRoy Parnell and Randy Kohrs put the amp through its paces at Slack Key Stuidos and helped me select the proper power transformer for this chassis. My good friend Andy Reiss tried out the amp and I witnessed and unbelievable display of control and finesse. Andy set the amp at 12 o'clock and was able to play it as pretty as my 50 watt amp. Thenm, with no adjustment to the amp or guitar, achieved such an overdriven tone you would swear he was using an effects pedal. Andy stated after the session that the amp had the most dynamic response of any amp he had played. So, although it is a great rock amp, this amp is capable of a very wide range of dynamic expression. I would suggest you get to know the amp and let it take you to places you have never been before.

Little Walter Tube Amps

About Manufacturer

All the Little Walter Tube Amps use Octal Pre-amp tubes and are hand wired with no circuit, tag, or turret boards.  I believe the shortest signal path equates to the purest possible tone. These amps are all cathode biased and voiced to allow more low frequency tone to pass through the pre-amp. All my amps also have a direct line out that can be connected to your house PA or recording console.  These amps can be ordered with Tweed, Lacquered Tweed, Tolex, or Cherry, Maple, or Walnut hardwood (hardwood based on availability of wood).  I personally build these amps one at a time right here in North Carolina.


Electrical Requirements: 110/120 Voltas AC (60 cycle)
Pre Amp Tube: 6SC7
Phase Inverter Tube (PI): 6SC7
Power Tubes: J.J. 6V6GT
Rectifier Tube: 5Y3
Filter Capacitors: 1-30µf @ 450v, 2-20µf @ 450v
Input 1: Bright Input
Input 2: Normal Input
Controls: Volume for bright input, Volume for Normal Input / Tone for Both Inputs
Output: 44 watts @ 4 ohms
Direct Output Jack (Direct connect to board or PA System), Must use w/ speaker
Cabinet: Hiwatt Black Tolex Finger Joined cabinet

2x12 Speaker Cabinet Sold Separately

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