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Latch Lake Jam Nuts (Mic Nuts 3-pack)  From Latch Lake

Jam Nuts enable YOU to effectively decide where you want your microphone threads end, at which point allowing you to lock your microphone clip in place.

Latch Lake Mic Stands


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Manufacturer's Description from Latch Lake

The Jam Nut is one of the most over looked fine details of a microphone stand. Many do not even know what they are, though they exist on just about every mic stand they've seen.. Why? Because they were all too small to use! We set out to fix this by creating Latch Lake Jam Nuts, oversized locking nuts that enable YOU to effectively decide where you want your microphone threads end. This allows you to position your microphone just where you want it on the stand threads, then lock it precisely in place. Available in both nitride black and chrome. Every studio could use about 50 of these.

Latch Lake Mic Stands

About Manufacturer

Latch Lake began with a friend helping a friend. Back in 198X, guitarist Leo Kottke found that he could no longer get the French wine bottles from which he'd been making his guitar slides. It was only a matter of time until his last glass slide broke. He turned to his old friend (and former touring sound engineer) Jeff Roberts for help. Jeff's family business had extensive metalworking capabilities, and Leo wanted to explore the possibility of developing a metal slide that had the right shape and sound. One that wouldn't break on the way to the stage. Two months later, Jeff and Leo came up with a prototype that had the right shape. Two years later they found a brass alloy that, to Leo's ear actually sounded better than glass. And thus the patented AcoustaGlide guitar slide (along with Latch Lake Music Products) was born. Over the years, Latch Lake's line of guitar slides has grown. Whether you're a beginner or a living legend, click to our Slide Shop and you'll find one that's right for you. But that's just the first chapter in the Latch Lake story. In early 2002, Latch Lake will be introducing the world's best microphone stand. The one that studio recording engineers have been dreaming about for decades. More Latch Lake products will be added in the years ahead too, and each will be as quietly revolutionary as the guitar slide that started it all.