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Kahayan 12K72 Mono Preamp  From Kahayan


Kahayan Pro Audio


"Experience the Difference"

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Tim Pierce presents Kahayan 12K72 Preamp

In Kahayan Audio we are very happy to present the video demonstration of Kahayan 12K72 Preamp that Tim Pierce has recorded for us. It is a true honor, thank you so much Tim!

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    • Kahayan 12K72 Mono Preamp

Manufacturer's Description from Kahayan

The 12k72 is a high class preamplifier which contains a ‘module’ per channel. The main feature of these ‘modules’ is a sound completely clear and transparent, with deep bass and an extremely natural treble.

The components used in manufacturing come essentially from the same manufacturers that supplied the ones used originally, reproducing and expanding the benefits of these. Everything inside this preamplifier is high quality: the wires, rotary switches, capacitors, resistors and connectors.

The benefits that this module offers, besides the already known sound merits, are:

  • Two mic / line independent preamp working in pure class A.
  • Using discrete technology (without IC's) with Carnhill® Transformers.
  • Gain control in steps of 5dB.
  • Output Level Control in steps of 1dB.
  • Phantom power 48v with pilot light.
  • Phase reverse switch.
  • Microphone / Line Switch (Also useful in line mode for mastering or mixbus processor).
  • Inputs and outputs: balanced and unbalanced (XLR and jack).
  • External high quality Power supply.
  • Front input jack for connecting high impedance electric instruments (guitar, bass, synth, etc.).


The best Flamenco musicians use our 12k72 preamp:

  • Paco de Lucía
  • Vicente Amigo
  • Tomatito
  • Enrique Morente
  • ​Jose Antonio Rodriguez
  • Dorantes
  • Josemi Carmona
  • Antonio Carmona
  • Juan Carmona
  • Niño Josele
  • Raimundo Amador
  • José Bandera
  • ​Niña Pastori/Chaboli
  • Miguel Poveda
  • Javier Limón
  • De Jacoba
  • Carles Benavent
  • Riki Rivera
  • Etc...
Kahayan Pro Audio

About Manufacturer

Pablo Kahayan was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From a very young age, he was attracted to electronics and technology as much as he was to music – which led him to study both guitar and electronics. ​He studied electronics at the Juan XXIII College in Buenos Aires, where the Director of Studies and several of his teachers were musicians. The electric guitar and the amplifiers were a starting point of two worlds. Pablo started building his own guitar amps and effects pedals, while combining  his academic studies with electronics repair work and manufacturing sound gear with his uncle. As his work in the field of audio was rapidly growing, he left his university studies after three years to focus on the world of audio. During this time Pablo did some work for Hewlett Packard Technical Services in Buenos Aires, which provided him with some income while allowing him to develop his skills with both electronics and audio. In 1990, Pablo travelled to Europe and was enchanted by Spain. A year later he set up shop in Madrid, first working with computers and soon after becoming a partner in a music school. Pablo started repairing and modifying amplifiers and instruments, and then to manufacture his own pro-audio equipment. Pablo’s fascination with the tone and sound of classic equipment leads him to start using components found in such vintage manufacturers like Telefunken, Neumann, Neve, Pultec etc. During these years Pablo met amazing artits and engineers like Paco de Lucía, Rafa Sardina, Vicente Amigo, Josemi Carmona, Oscar Vinader, Ludovico Vagnone , Tim Pierce, etc. That inspire him and help him to reach our days. To this day Pablo continues to focus on the customization, manufacture and develop of equipment for guitarists and bassists, as well as designing and building his own unique line of tube amps and pro-audio gear.


Inputs: ​

  • ​Mic Input: 1200Ω, 3 pin XLR bal.
  • Instrument Input: 1MΩ,  jack unbal.


  • Balanced: 3 pin XLR.
  • Unbalanced: Jack Mono. The signal is taken before the output transformer giving another colour to the balanced output.

Max. Gain:

  • XLR input: 65 db.

Ouput control:

  • Key steps of 12 positions adjustable in 1dB steps (the typical fader function).

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