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Joeco Blackbox BBP1B Multi-Channel Player (Balanced)  From Joeco

With 24 channels of balanced analogue I/O, the BBP1B is designed for use with mixing consoles that have balanced insert points or balanced group outputs.



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Manufacturer's Description from Joeco

Based on the proven technology of the award-winning BLACKBOX Recorder, the BLACKBOX Multi-Channel Player provides an innovative solution to live performance playback in a compact 1U rack-mounted package. Player capability is available for JoeCo’s 24- and 64-channel BLACKBOX systems, enabling up to 64 channels of synchronous audio to be replayed in up to 24 Bit/96kHz quality, without a computer. Multi-channel audio playback is important both for surround sound applications and because it allows the live engineer to compensate for the acoustics of the venue, or audience generated noise during the performance.

Playback material can be loaded from any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) capable of creating files in Broadcast WAV format. In addition to standard mono BWAV files, the Player also supports the replay of polyphonic wav files, from multiple stereo files up to 24 or even 64 channel PolyWAV files. Mono, stereo and multichannel files can even be used together in the same song, massively enhancing the system’s flexibility. The audio files can be stored on a standard USB2 drive, or Flash RAM drive. A simple naming procedure ensures that the correct file is replayed through each output.

Set lists can be configured into simple XML format playlist files. Playlists automatically cue up the next song ready for instantaneous replay and multiple playlists can be stored ready for any quick changes or alternative show formats.

Separate foldback mixes can be configured using normal facilities on the console. An additional mix can be sent via the headphone output for the musical director. For playback applications requiring time code synchronisation, the BLACKBOX Multi-channel Player can be configured to an incoming source of digital clock, or optionally word clock. The implementation of a “Chase” mode enables the unit to commence playback in sync when it receives incoming time code. This option can either be controlled from the front panel or via extended SONY 9-pin support. The extended 9-pin commands also allow the user to rehearse shows that are normally locked to time code via remote control and are compatible with most edit suites and show controllers. Time code can be shown on the main time display in playback mode.

Integrated safety features ensure that the BLACKBOX Multi-Channel Player is unwavering in it’s reliability. These include a unique automated fail-over mechanism that enables the BLACKBOX Player to automatically switch to a synchronous secondary system using its internal analogue relays in the event of a failure. (This would normally require a costly external switching matrix).


About Manufacturer

Established in 2007, JoeCo is the creator of the award-winning BLACKBOX range of multi-track recorders and players, as well as the BLUEBOX series of Workstation Interface Recorders. Based near the beautiful British university city of Cambridge, the company is renowned for its innovative approach to design, and trusted worldwide for the reliability of its products in mission critical environments.



24 mono channels plus internally “mixed” headphone output

Audio Connections:

Unbalanced Analogue 3 x 25way D-sub TASCAM analogue format
(Hot in, cold out for connection into insert points on console)
Balanced Analogue 3 x 25way D-sub TASCAM analogue format inputs;
3 x 25way D-sub TASCAM analogue format outputs;
  AES/EBU: 3 x 25way D-sub YAMAHA digital format
  Lightpipe: 3 x TOSLINK*

Storage medium

External USB2 storage device
• USB2 drive
• Flash RAM drive (thumb drive)
• SDHC card via USB2 converter

Audio file format

Standard mono Broadcast WAV files

Audio file naming convention

sss-tt.songname-trackname.wav where:
sss is the song number (001-999)[determines which tracks play together as a Song]
-tt. is the track number (01-24)[determines which output each track is replayed through]
songname is the (optional) song name [free text up to 32 characters]
-trackname is the (optional) track name [free text up to 24 characters]
.wav is the file extension [mandatory]

Playlist format

Simple XML file structure for easy playlist editing

Pre-load time

Typically < 3 seconds


Instant replay controlled by:
• Timecode (LTC or MTC),
• footswitch,
• QWERTY keyboard,
• MIDI control,
• Real-time clock
Automatic pre-load of next song in playlist

MIDI Controls

MIDI open loop connection
MIDI Start, Stop commands
MIDI Song Select: for preloading specific Songs
MIDI Program Change
MIDI Show Control

Audio clocks

Selectable between:
• Internal
• AES/EBU or SPDIF clock
• Word clock (available on BBP1A and BBP1D only)


All standard frame rates supported

Auto fail-over

Analogue fail-over automatically switches to synchronous secondary system in case of a replay problem.


Size: 19” rack mounting x 1U (435 x 44 x 170mm)
Weight: < 2.5kg
DC input: 9-12V dc (PSU supplied)
Power: < 25W

*BBP1A uses the SMUXII protocol on its lightpipe i/o at high samples rates. SMUXII only allows 4 channels of audio per lightpipe connection thereby reducing the overall channel count to 12 channels at 88.2kHz and 96kHz.