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Joeco Blackbox BBR1B Analog Multi-Track Recorder (Balanced)  From Joeco

24 track live audio recorder



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JoeCo Blackbox Recorder - AES '09

The JoeCo Baclbox Recorder is an ingenious simplistic recording tool that allows 24-channel simultaneous recording to an inexpensive, virtually disposable external hard drive, which can immediately be used with any DAW after the live recording to import (drag-and-drop) the live recorded audio tracks into your mixing DAW workstation be it ProTools, Logic, Cakewalk, Digital Performer, etc. Designed to attach to the inserts of any live mixing console, the JoeCo BLACKBOX RECORDER captures up to 24 tracks of live audio at 24 Bit / 96kHz, without the need to have a computer at the performance. Audio is recorded in industry-standard Broadcast WAV format onto a regular USB2, FAT32 formatted drive. (A 500 GByte drive will store approximately 20 hours of 24-track material at 24 Bit / 96kHz and over 40 hours at 48kHz). By feeding back the BLACKBOX RECORDER's outputs to the console's insert returns, any console is enabled to have a Virtual Sound Check facility. It is also possible to connect the BLACKBOX RECORDER to direct or group outs from the console. Created specifically for the live market, a number of fail-safe features are built into the BLACKBOX RECORDER ensuring secure audio capture and uninterrupted signal flow throughout a performance. After recording, the hard drive can be plugged directly into any Mac- or PC-based Digital Audio Workstation for editing, remixing and repurposing, without the need for any file conversion or copying. For larger performances, up to four BLACKBOX RECORDER units can be chained, enabling the simultaneous capture of up to 96 channels of multi-track audio. Call Sound Pure toll free at 888-528-9703 to discuss ordering one, or any questions you might have, or try sales@soundpure.com. Members of the Sound Pure Sales team are also experienced professional recording engineers that are glad to lend their sales experience with any of their prospective customers. Please give us a call, we are here to help!

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    • Joeco Blackbox BBR1B Analog Multi-Track Recorder (Balanced)

Manufacturer's Description from Joeco

The BLACKBOX RECORDER is a novel concept in live recording technology - a multi-track for the 21st century. it is no longer necessary to dismantle your home studio or recording studio to take a complete Digital Audio Workstation into a live venue to capture your live performance.

The BLACKBOX RECORDER plugs into any standard live mixing console via the normal insert points and not only allows for the capture of the performance but also will record the sound check to help set the foldback mixes and allow the performers to hear the live mix for themselves. In difficult acoustic spaces it also lets the sound engineer achieve the best balance without exhausting the band with endless rehearsals before the gig.

The BLACKBOX RECORDER provides 24 tracks of audio recording directly onto a removable USB2 disk drive that can be immediately plugged into your Digital Audio Workstation after the gig.

Recording the audio at up to 96kHz and at 24 bit resolution into standard Broadcast Wave (BWAV) files on a standard FAT32 formatted drive allows the user to replay the material on any workstation. Just unplug the disk from the back of the BLACKBOX RECORDER and plug it into your workstation as an external disk. No copying or reassembling your studio is required and you have every mixer input recorded and available to create the perfect live remix.

For really large multi-track recordings, multiple BLACKBOX RECORDER units can be chained together and operated from a single control surface.

The unit has been designed to be as simple as possible to operate, recognising that during a live performance the sound engineer will naturally need to concentrate on the sound for the audience and the performers.

Consequently, having connected up the unit to the desk the BBR1 defaults to all tracks being armed ready for record; just pressing Record will start the recording. If the record button is pressed again whilst in record, the BLACKBOX RECORDER will automatically start a new recording so that each song can be easily identified later. To end a recording requires the STOP button to be held for 2 seconds to ensure that the recording cannot be stopped accidentally.

A foot switch input is also provided and can be set up to duplicate the record button function so that the engineer doesn't even have to move away from the console.



  • Records up to 24 channels at 24 Bit / 96 kHz
  • Records audio in Broadcast WAV format onto a regular USB 2.0 disk drive, USB Flash drive (FAT32 formatted), or SDHC card via USB 2.0 connector. Built-in formatting facility included
  • Enables direct import of recorded audio files from the hard drive to any Mac or PC-based DAW for instant editing and remixing. No file transfer or conversion necessary
  • Is simple to operate via a sleek front panel menu-driven user interface and touch sensitive controls
  • Supports Linear Time Code, MIDI time code and SONY PII (9-pin) control, MIDI Machine Control and AES / SPDIF word clock
  • Can attach to the insert points of any live console to provide Virtual Sound Check facilities
  • Includes "fail safe" features for secure audio capture such as playback lockout and preventing accidental Stop
  • Allows the creation of headphone monitoring mixes, with level and pan on each track
  • Features a QWERTY keyboard interface and Name Manager for easily creating templates and modifying track or song names
  • Offers enhancements for film, TV and broadcast applications including support for 23.98fps time code, improvements to 9-pin support for edit controllers and support for iXML
  • Balanced I/O via 6x 25way D-sub connectors. Lower row inputs; Upper row outputs. (TASCAM analogue format, cable looms not supplied)

About Manufacturer

Established in 2007, JoeCo is the creator of the award-winning BLACKBOX range of multi-track recorders and players, as well as the BLUEBOX series of Workstation Interface Recorders. Based near the beautiful British university city of Cambridge, the company is renowned for its innovative approach to design, and trusted worldwide for the reliability of its products in mission critical environments.


Sample Rates

44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz


Bit depths

16/24 bit


Disk interface

USB 2.0 - easy to obtain


Disk format

FAT32 - compatible with both Mac and PC


File type

Standard mono Broadcast WAV files



1x 1/4" TRS jack socket, headphone mix / solo



9V-16VDC (<30W). 2.1mm dc inlet. PSU supplied


Analogue Inputs

Levels: -10dBu / +4dBu switchable

Maximum input level: +22dBu = 0dBFS

A-D conversion: 24bit, 96kHz

106dB S/N, 96dB THD+N (typical A-weighted)


Analogue Outputs

Levels: -10dBu / +4dBu switchable

Maximum output level: +22dBu = 0dBFS

D-A conversion: 24bit, 96kHz

106dB S/N, 94dB THD+N (typical A-weighted)



USB 2.0 hard disk (7200RPM recommended)

USB 2.0 flash drive - 200x minimum (except for MADI and DANTE systems which have more demanding data rates), SHDC (Class 10 with suitable adapter except MADI and DANTE)



1x 5-pin DIN (open loop) - MIDI time code (MTC) and MIDI machine control (MMC) protocol


JoeCoRemote for iPad

App + hardware interface for remote control. Wireless or wired connectivity



1x 1/4" TRS jack socket

Frame rates supported: 30fps, 29.97drop fps, 29.97non-drop fps, 25fps, 24fps, 23.98fps


Machine Control

1x 9-pin D, SONY PII protocol


Audio Clock Synchronization

2x RCA sockets AES3 / SPDIF Format, also used for communications to slave units



Momentary switch on ring of LTC TRS socket



1x mini DIN PS2 connector, Standard 102 key


Rack Height

1U 19"



425 x 150 x 44mm / 16.73 x 5.91 x 1.73"



2.1kg / 4.63lbs