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Highland Dynamics BG1 Stereo Compressor  From Highland Dynamics

 3RU Stereo Tube Compressor

Highland Dynamics


Retail:  $4,410.00

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Manufacturer's Description from Highland Dynamics


 ♦ Transformer-balanced I/O

 ♦ Input and output level controls

 ♦ Switchable feedback settings

 ♦ 9 attack and release positions 

 ♦ Link switch for stereo use

 ♦ Compression HOLD function

 ♦ 600 and 150 ohm input impedance taps


 Highland Dynamics BG1 Stereo

A modern compressor with a vintage soul, the Highland Dynamics BG1 Stereo Compressor nods to classic tube designs of the 50s and 60s without being a clone stuck in the past.


Like the BG2, the BG1 is a marriage of classic tube compressor topologies. The vintage Altec 436 serves as the starting point for its design but an array of tone tweaks, control modifications and noise improvements elevate that circuit to “very-mu” status, including the legendary British mods.


While the BG1 Stereo omits the heavy-duty, twin 6V6 output stage of the BG2, it gains some very useful features not found in the BG2. The twin compressor channels can be stereo linked via a front panel switch and 9-position Attack and Release controls allow the BG1 Stereo to be used in very fast to incredibly slow settings for anything from drums, to stereo bus or special effects.



Perhaps its most unique feature is the ability to change feedback modes between British(B) and American(A) styles. Essentially giving you two completely different compressor sounds to choose from.



British mode utilizes a modified Altec 436 plate-to-plate style feedback. With less gain, a cleaner, more hi-fi sound and smoother operation. British mode is the big smooth tube compressor voicing. 



American mode lets more harmonics and color come through, instantly changing your BG1 to a different animal altogether. The sound is rich, lively and robust.



The three-way Threshold switch determine how much signal can pass before the circuit begins to compress. The Low setting is the classic/stock threshold level. Medium raises the threshold and High raises it even further and can enable soft, transient distortion.



When engaged the Hold switch allows gain reduction but does not allow the compression to release until the switch is placed in Operate mode.



There is a compression on/off switch that removes the side-chain tube, turning the compressor into a tube line amp. With the compression turned off, you can drive it into distortion. You can achieve different colors of distortion with both the feedback and input selection switches.



The BG1 has standard 600 Ohm input, or 150 ohm for more gain and transformer color. It's also useful when running a microphone directly in with no preamp.



The twin channels can be linked with the link switch on the front panel.



The BG1 build quality is impressive with a rugged chassis, custom transformers, NOS tubes, US and European capacitors, and military-style, US-made Hoyt panel meters. It’s built by hand, for people that truly appreciate thoughtful design and construction.


Highland Dynamics

About Manufacturer

"In the mid 2000s, I opened a little gear shop inside the Hangar recording studio in Sacramento. I had been working on studios in San Francisco for two years before that, and was looking forward to having my own spot. I started engineering records for bands, and owner John Baccigaluppi also set me up as the Hangar’s tech and repairman. 

Repairing guitar amps inspired me to start building my own amps under my own name - Bryce. I soon moved into more studio-based repair work and some of John's friends started sending me studio equipment to work on. I was also able to work on more specialized gear, like rebuilding a 50's RCA 76D tube console, and later building a second one from spare parts.


The BG2 came to be after building more custom compressors - a UA 175, RCA BA6A and a Fairchild. It combined the front end of a British-modified Altec 436 with the back end of a BA6A-style twin 6V6 amp. 

The BG3 was another combination idea, with the same British-style Altec 436 front end combined with a UA 175 back end. Rob Schnapf now has the only two BG3s every made, which he uses often.

I met Thom Monahan and began working with him on sessions at the Hangar, and making trips down to work in Los Angeles. House engineering and tech-ing eventually propelled me to move Los Angeles, where I salvaged vintage electronics and worked on sessions with Jonathan Wilson eventually becoming the house engineer at his studio, Five Star. I installed two early BG1s and two BG2s there. I also made some other custom gear for Five Star, hand-wired Pultecs and some guitar amps. We used them on a lot of great sessions, including Here We Go Magic with Nigel Goodrich, The Breeders, Jenny O, Roy Harper, Kurt Vile, Monsters of Folk, Jonathan Wilson, Father John Misty, Conor Oberst and David Holmes, Keefus Ciancia.


I started working at a few other studios around town — Vox, The Village, Grove Masters — and have brought my compressors along with me as I do. During that time, I also worked with Hugo Nicolson and his company Lisson Grove, building his R124 compressors. The build quality of the Lisson Grove R124 was great, and helped me to hone my skills in building my own BG2 compressors with the same focus and detail and inspired me to try reproducing my units on a larger scale.

2014 was spent getting the BG2 worked out for production, the main goal was to keep the sound the same or better. Luckily I had friends like Thom, who have used BG2s for years, that could make sure I was on the right track. I gave Thom a older BG2 for that year that sounds great, in fact, everyone that used it would try to buy it off me. As I worked on the production BG2, I would take it to Thom and let him check it out on a session, then he would report back to me. I did that with some other engineers as well, this was time consuming, but was important, it always had to sound and work well in a session, that was always the final test.

For the past 14 years engineering bands and building gear simultaneously, I’ve only ever been able to build a few of my compressors here and there, available to friends and artists via word of mouth. Now I’m expanding production of the BG2 - still handmade and high quality, but available to everyone."