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Heritage Audio BT-500 V2 Bluetooth Module  From Heritage

500 Series Bluetooth Streaming Module

Heritage Audio


"Experience the Difference"

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Manufacturer's Description from Heritage

Finally!  The BT-500 V2.0 frees you from those dreaded mini-jacks and provides a professional solution to the everyday problem of streaming audio in a studio environment.  What has become a more and more common practice in the modern studio now has a quick and trouble-free solution.  No more clumsy, faulty adaptors and cables connected to questionable DACs from consumer devices.  So simple, but so perfect we can guarantee you won't go back to the old ways again.


Offering coverage of over 100 meters you´ll never come up short with the BT-500 V2.0.  Now there's no excuse not to do a quick reference check with your favorite audio from Spotify, YouTube or Apple's iTunes Store.  Need to quickly access a file from an email?  No problem!  

Received over Bluetooth your audio appears on fully differential Burr Brown balanced outputs giving you +24dBu able to drive a load of 600 Ohms.  What that means is that you´ll have enough quality to do direct level comparisons while mastering or mixing.  There has simply never been anything like this before.  Presented in the convenient 500 series format to make it available to everyone at a very accessible price.

With this updated version the BT-500 V2.0 now covers all of the best codecs available including: aptX, aptX LL & aptX HD, AAC and SBC, to ensure you stream audio at the highest quality possible.  Whether you´re using a mobile phone, a tablet, a watch phone or whatever you can be certain that the BT-500 V2.0 will detect the best option available for seamless integration.  It really has never been easier to access your iOS or Android device when needed in the studio.  

On top of all that you also get one classy looking piece with the BT-500 V2.0.  A pure and uncluttered design keeps things simple while also being attractive.



  • Will automatically choose the best available CODEC for your device
  • Highest quality output provides +24dBu fully differential Burr Brown balanced signal able to drive a load of 600 Ohms
  • Finally eliminate those faulty mini-jacks from the studio
  • Has an area of coverage greater than 100 meters
Heritage Audio

About Manufacturer

Heritage Audio is one of the few premier manufacturers of Neve preamp and compressor clones. With their established team of veteran designers, they claim to offer the most historically accurate clones of the fabled Neve units.