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Heritage Audio 2264 JR 500-Series Compressor/Preamp  From Heritage

A 2 slot 500-series preamp/compressor combo!

Heritage Audio

Manufacturer's Description from Heritage

Giving you both a 2264E-style compressor and 1073-style mic preamp in a 2-slot 500 series unit, the 2264JR 500 Series Compressor and Microphone Preamplifier from Heritage Audio has a fully discrete Class A signal path, and is transformer balanced. The compressor is based on key components and the schematics from the company's 2264E rackmount compressor, while the 1073-style preamp provides up to 60 dB of gain. All rotary controls on the unit are stepped for precise recall. It provides discrete inputs for mic and line level signals. Please note, the compressor and mic preamp modes cannot be used simultaneously.

Gain reduction meter: shows the compression amount up to 20 dB

DYN switch: enables compression functions

High pass switch: enables high pass filter on the sidechain circuit

MIC switch: enables mic input and overrides compression / Line input functions

Compress recovery switch: switches between 6 time constant options, 100, 400, 800, 1500 ms, Auto1 (100 ms on peaks, 2 seconds on program material) and Auto2 (50 ms on peaks, 5 seconds on program)

Compress threshold stepped control: sets the minimum level at what compression happens, from +12 dBu down to -12 dBm in variable "smart" steps)

Compress ratio switch: allows the user to choose between 5 different compression ratios, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 and 6:1, and a LIMIT option

MIC gain stepped control: in 5 dB steps from 35 to 60 dB

Gain makeup stepped control: In 2 dB steps from 0 to 20 dB

LINK switch: allows the module to be linked to compression bus

Heritage Audio

About Manufacturer

Heritage Audio is one of the few premier manufacturers of Neve preamp and compressor clones. With their established team of veteran designers, they claim to offer the most historically accurate clones of the fabled Neve units.


Input Impedance Microphone Input (Transformer Balanced and Floating): 1200 ohms
Line Input (Transformer Balanced and Floating)
Output Impedance <75 ohms, transformer balanced and floating, 600 ohms terminated
Maximum Output >+26 dBm , 600 ohms terminated
THD <0.025% at 1 kHz, 
<0.05% at 100 Hz
Frequency Response 20 Hz (+0.3 dB) to 20 kHz (-0.2 dB)
Gain Maximum Microphone Gain: 60 dB
Maximum Line Gain: 20 dB
Power Consumption Maximum Power Consumption: <110 mA @+-16VDC
Packaging Info
Package Weight 3.75 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 10.0 x 7.9 x 6.3"