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Gretsch 5x14 Brooklyn Series Snare Drum Satin Black Met. 8  From Gretsch Drums

A US-crafted maple and poplar snare loaded with generously designed, throwback hardware. 

Gretsch Drums

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What We Think

Gretsch's Brooklyn series drums pay homage to an era that propelled modern Gretsch into infamy. The retro stylings with modern processes bring new life into the catalog while giving this series its own voice.

Some familiar features that are shared with the USA Custom Series are Gretsch’s classic 30-degree bearing edges and Silver Sealer applied to the shell interior. One of the key differences between the two lines is the shell material. Brooklyn drums have a 6-ply maple/poplar hybrid shell that’s designed to be punchy yet warm. Another feature is Gretsch’s new “302” 3mm double flanged hoops. These hoops are thicker and much more rigid than the typical double-flanged hoops while providing a familiar feel to the Gretsch experience. 

The Brooklyn series delivers look, sound, and feel of Gretsch at a slightly cheaper price point than that of the USA Custom. While the finishes and sizes that are available within the series are not as diverse, you can rest assured that you will still get "That Great Gretsch Sound" from the Brooklyn drums.

Manufacturer's Description from Gretsch Drums

With a name that harkens to the classic era of "That Great Gretsch Sound," the Gretsch Brooklyn Series Snare drum is hand-crafted every step of the way in their Ridgeland, SC factory by skilled drum smiths. The cornerstone of this retro sound is a slightly thicker 6-ply maple/poplar shell which is completed with a 30-degree bearing edge, classic Gretsch round badge and the new "302" die-cast hoops. Accompanied by a choice of 4 satin or nitron finishes, these ingredients all combine to create a dry, warm and open sound. The Gretsch legend continues.


Gretsch Drums

About Manufacturer

For 135 years, the Gretsch Drum Company has produced classic American instruments that drummers the world over covet. The signature “great Gretsch sound” has been utilized by numerous classic and modern drummers alike; Max Roach, Tony Williams, Cindy Blackman, Taylor Hawkins, and Vinnie Colaiuta are just a few examples of master drummers that have sat behind Gretsch kits. Currently, Gretsch’s three lines of professional-grade drums (the Brooklyn, Broadkaster, and USA Custom) are built by a small team of dedicated craftsmen in Ridgeland, South Carolina. Gretsch also offers a number of affordable import lines that allow beginner and intermediate drummers to be a part of drum history and play behind a Gretsch set. 


Gretsch Brooklyn Snare Drum Features

  • 6-ply North American maple/poplar shells
  • Gretsch 30-degree bearing edge.
  • Gretsch Silver Sealer.
  • Gretsch “302” hoop
  • Gretsch Permatone by Remo drumheads
  • 8 Lugs
  • 20-Strand snare wire