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Gretsch 5.5x14 Brooklyn Snare Drum - Deep Marine Black Pearl  From Gretsch Drums

Gretsch Brooklyn snares add a professional and distinctive voice to the Gretsch snare line up.

Gretsch Drums

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What We Think

The Gretsch Brooklyn series are high-end drums made by the same craftsmen that produce the USA Custom and Broadkaster series, but with fewer options. This line brings back some features of earlier Gretsch drums that fans are sure to admire. 

One of the key differences between the series is that Brooklyn drums have a 6-ply maple/poplar hybrid shell that’s designed to be punchy yet warm where the USA Custom drums feature the maple/gum hybrid shell. The Brooklyn series receives the 30-degree bearing edge that we have all come to know and love from Gretsch giving these drums incredible articulation. The shallow snare beds emit sparkling sensitivity from the center of the drum all the way out to the edge which we loved. The 302 hoops are also a differentiator for the Brooklyn series which opens the drum up a little more than the USA Custom series. The hoops lend themselves to a similar focus of a traditional die-cast hoop which is perfect for backbeats and side-sticking.

The Brooklyn series offers many of the core features that the USA Custom series has but it comes in at a more affordable price point. If you find yourself looking for "That Great Gretsch Sound" but do not want to mortgage your house to do it, give the Brooklyn series some serious consideration. 

Gretsch 5.5x14 USA Brooklyn Snare Drum - Black Oyster, Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure drums specialist Barry Knain explains the various features of the Gretsch 5.5x14 USA Brooklyn Snare Drum with Black Oyster Veneer, and tests it out in several different tuning ranges.

Manufacturer's Description from Gretsch Drums

Brooklyn, New York and Gretsch Drums share an inseparable legacy that is reflected in the Gretsch Brooklyn Series. Proudly hand-crafted in Gretsch’s Ridgeland, SC, USA factory, Gretsch Brooklyn produces a sound that is immediately recognizable, yet distinctively reinvented. Brooklyn drums feature 6-ply North American maple/poplar shells and are made slightly thicker than Gretsch’s USA Custom Drums and have a 30-degree bearing edge. Shell interiors are finished with classic Gretsch Silver Sealer. Each shell comes with a distinctive Brooklyn internal shell label that identifies the drum shell model number and serial number.

Brooklyn toms and snares feature the distinctive Gretsch “302” hoop. Its 3mm thick and double-flanged and is reminiscent of hoops used by Gretsch until the mid 1950’s. Brooklyn delivers classic Gretsch tones that are full, punchy and warm. Brooklyn’s innovative specifications created a new Gretsch tonal characteristic that is slightly more open and satisfyingly ambient. There is no denying that Brooklyn drums possess the sound of classic Gretsch drums, but deliver their own sonic personality.

Gretsch Drums

About Manufacturer

For 135 years, the Gretsch Drum Company has produced classic American instruments that drummers the world over covet. The signature “great Gretsch sound” has been utilized by numerous classic and modern drummers alike; Max Roach, Tony Williams, Cindy Blackman, Taylor Hawkins, and Vinnie Colaiuta are just a few examples of master drummers that have sat behind Gretsch kits. Currently, Gretsch’s three lines of professional-grade drums (the Brooklyn, Broadkaster, and USA Custom) are built by a small team of dedicated craftsmen in Ridgeland, South Carolina. Gretsch also offers a number of affordable import lines that allow beginner and intermediate drummers to be a part of drum history and play behind a Gretsch set. 


Gretsch Brooklyn Snare Drum Features:

  • 6-ply North American maple/poplar, Silver Sealer interiors
  • 30-degree bearing-edges
  • Gretsch "302" double-flanged hoops
  • Gretsch Lightning Throw-off
  • Coated Gretsch Permatone by Remo Batter
  • Clear Gretsch Permatone by Remo Batter