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Golden Age Audio R1A Premier  From Golden Age

Golden Age Audio


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Manufacturer's Description from Golden Age

The R1A is a unique microphone since it is a high quality and low cost vintage style ribbon microphone with active electronics using high end components.

The R1A offers the special and natural sound that has been available in classical microphones like the RCA 44 and 77 that are still used to make high quality recordings today after around 80 years. On top of that, the active circuitry raises the output level considerably to be similar to that of many condenser microphones. This has the good effect that one does not need special high gain microphone preamps when using the R1A on quiet sound sources. It also makes the R1A able to drive long microphone cables without any problems and insures that the sound is consistent with different preamps.

One of the factors that usually changes the sound of passive ribbon microphones is the input impedance of the following microphone preamp. The active output circuitry in the R1A buffers the ribbon and the gain make-up transformer from the outside world and the result is that the R1A will consistently give you maximum performance in any situation.

The R1A is very well suited for the recording of most sound sources like vocals, acoustic instruments, strings, horns, orchestras and choral groups and many live sound applications. In spite of its low cost, the R1A meets the most stringent demands. To get maximum benefit and trouble free use out of the R1A please read this manual carefully.



- The unmatched natural and musical sound of a classical ribbon microphone combined with a discrete amplifier (no integrated coircuits used), powered by standard 48V phantom power, that isolates the ribbon and the gain make-up transformer from the outside world. A stunning realism with the feeling of "being-there" and a fast and life-like transient reproduction.

- The typical large and mellow ribbon sound quality with a very smooth top end and an extended low end.

- An ultra-high SPL capability, 160 dB SPL (1% THD @ 1000Hz) and a very high sensitivity for a ribbon microphone, similar to many condenser microphones.

- Figure-8 directional pattern for wide sweet spots both in the front and in the back of the microphone.

- 50mm long ribbon made of 2 microns thick aluminium foil and an internal shock mount for the ribbon and magnet assembly.

- Selectable high pass filter and -10dB Pad.

- Removable microphone cable built with Mogami Neglex Studio Quad cable and Neutrik XLR goldplated connectors.

- Swedish made Lundahl 1927A transformer.

- High end Wima film and Nichicon electrolytic audio capacitors used in the amplifier.

- Manufactured of the finest materials for a great performance and long-term reliability.

- The R1A can be used with any standard mixer or preamp with a balanced input that can supply 48V phantom power.

- Great sound that suits most sound sources and genres.

- A solid build quality that will last many years of normal use.



Type: Large ribbon geometry, pure aluminium, 2 um thick, 50 x 5 mm size with active electronics.

Polar pattern: Figure 8

Frequency response: 30 Hz – 18 kHz +/- 3 dB

Sensitivity: -40 dB (0 dB = 1V/Pa) @ 1 kHz

Equivalent Noise Level (A-weighted per IEC 268-4): < 18 dB typical

Maximum SPL (<1% THD @ 1 kHz): 160 dB. (with Pad engaged)

Output impedance: 200 ohm, balanced

Recommended load impedance: > 1000 Ohms

Current consumption: 4 mA.

Highpass filter: -3dB @160Hz, 6 dB/octave

Pad: -10dB

Dimensions: 69x185 mm.

Weight: 820 g

Golden Age Audio