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FX Engineering MOab Boost Effect Pedal  From FXengineering

Hand wired and very high quality parts


Manufacturer's Description from FXengineering

Muther of all Boosts



  • Pure "Class A" Gain.
  • Sparkling clean boost.
  • Musical - Plows your amp to fat compressed tone.
  • Versatile - Use as a switched gain stage on input preamp , or in the post preamp amp effects loop. Use as a buffer for long pedal cables.
  • Genuine quality - Top quality components, carefully hand selected for best performance. Audiophile clarity.
  • Tough, durable and road ready.
  • True Bypass Switching


Performance Points

Pick Attack - Very sensitive input. High input impedance (5 meg) works well with any pickup whether high or low output. The MoaB will render the delicate resonances of your guitar for optimal tone.

Clean Boost - Virtually no distortion up to 8 volts peak to peak. The intended uses of the MoaB is to add a switchable gain stage. Use to compress input stages for the modern lead triode crunch or in the amp effects loop to fatten the power stage tone and move instrument forward on the sound stage.

Gain - Pure class A gain, 30db overall gain up to 8 volts peak to peak before clipping.

Keep it Simple! - All FX Engineering pedals have the KISS philosophy. Set the Mirage controls to 12:00 and Play!

Note: The BOOST control scratches when turned. This is normal as designed.